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#1 19-07-2011 
Really, I have the worst luck with computers. Now my main PC has a problem with its graphics card. Code 43 - I did everything - installed drivers, uninstalled drivers, updated drivers, system restores and finally a system recovery....Sad Nothing. Code 43 = graphics card no worky.

LUCKILY it was still in warranty, so the shop have to repair it, but it was a cheap warranty and so I had to schlep it into town and hand it in at the shop.

6 weeks the guy said. I asked him if he was taking the mick. They built it for me (custom job - its obviously an issue with the graphics card) so where the heck are they going to send it? Yea, sez the guy, we may not have the parts in stock. Uhuh says Fish, and goes and looks at display case of graphics cards. Well yay - there is my card model, right there in the case. That'll do nicely.

Um, well, maybe a week. Yea..... So I gave him the PC and told him if it takes longer than a week to swap a graphics card he has lost my custom for eternity (nice big MediaMarkt right across the street). We'll see.

However - this means that nearly all projects are on hold as I can't really extensively test any items as back up laptop, though a good one, is a bit old and I don't want to overdo it.
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#2 19-07-2011 
A week? For serious?? Angry I'm no hardware whiz by any means, but even I could swap a graphics card in less than an hour a week! They definitely don't deserve your continued custom if they don't deliver!

I'm glad to hear you won't be computer-less, but I absolutely understand that you won't be doing any advanced simming. Aging laptops should be treated kindly. * Nix fondly pets Lilleman. Then she also pets Signe the Schnauzer, just so she (dog) won't get jealous
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#3 19-07-2011 
Yuck, that's just incredibly rotten luck, Lee. I wish there was something I could do to instantly fix it. Sad

Reminds me of the thirteenth and last PC I built myself... Three years ago, when I put it together, all components were top-off-the-line. Cost me around €1,500!
I built it, installed Windows XP, configured everything, tested some games... everything fine. Switched it off, went to bed, and started up the monster the next day... NOTHING: Harddisk fried!
Put in a new HD, installed everything again... took me several hours once more... Everything fine. Switch off, go to bed, start up next morning... NOTHING: Harddisk fried again!

That most expensive failure has been sitting under my desk for about three years now. It should have blown everyone's socks off with its awesome processing power, but it's total and utter crap Sad

#4 19-07-2011 
Thats just like the first one I had ,Lee only difference is that I never got it back post the upgrade. The store got robbed and my PC was one of the stolen items (never got it back at all cause I moved to go live with my mom and my dad decided to sell whatever I didnt take on craigslist) Now I am planning on getting my own little PC and I'm halfway there to having it

#5 19-07-2011 
That is so sad Lee I too have had my share of PC woes, from hard drive failure (that was the worst) to dead motherboards and even a fried network adapter. I feel your pain. If they are waiting for an actual graphics card to come in I could understand the wait but if they are just sitting there and twiddling their thumbs I feel a rage coming lol.
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#6 20-07-2011 
I know nothing about computers, I have a problem, I pick up the phone, friend Rob turns up and fixes it. End of story.
That said, if there is anything I can do to help, like testing things for you, let me know. I would be happy to help.
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#7 20-07-2011 
Thanks Guys -

BO - aww, that super sucks. I wanted to build my own computer but was scared I might not be able to, and end up with a lot of expensive bits and no PC.

@ Lev - yay - I hope you get your PC - will be so cool for you Smile

@ Shell - well, the biggest issue is that half the time I have no idea whether things will show in game til I test it - thats how I mod things - whack em with the big fish hammer until they give up and work

@ Xander - yea, I have rage moments too. I try not to think about it and at least your urinal was so far advanced that fansee could step in and help
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#8 24-08-2011 
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Graphic cards cause much problem for me ...
I have changed much cards since i have bought my desktop PC...


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