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This Leefish exclusive is a functional bookshelf with 15 slots (3 per shelf). It doesn't change states like EA bookshelves, so you can place items on the shelves. It has two color options and cost $600. (package format)

polys = 454
Made with Blender 3d and s3pe.

Lee has converted this to TS2 Smile : http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=449953
x 10

Please contact cmo.

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#5 25-07-2011
I think that would be perfectly possible BO - assuming Cmo does not object.

#6 25-07-2011
That would be really awesome! I don't nowadays DL a lot of new buy-objects - it's mostly recolors and build stuff that I'm interested in - but for this one, I'd make an exception!

#7 25-07-2011
Of course I don't object, Lee. I don't have TS2 or simpe on this pc, so conversions wouldn't be very easy for me right now.

#8 25-07-2011
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This is so D-I-Y looking! Perfect for first time apartments and dorm rooms!


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