Whats Hot
#1 02-08-2011 
Yes, it's been there for a few days - the "Whats Hot" table on the front page.

So what is it? It's a round up of the top 10 most downloaded items today sorted by number of downloads.

Top of the list means most downloads today - bottom of the list means you are still hot - just not red hot Tongue

At first I had it so that it showed the most downloaded items YESTERDAY but I got fed up of never seeing my stuff on it (glares at Cmo and dal) so I changed it so that it updates every hour. Of course, at 01:00 that would make the list very short and possibly empty so between midnight and 02:00 the list will show what was the most downloaded yesterday.

Confused? You are? Yea, me too. But it looks nice.
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#2 02-08-2011 
I think it's a marvellous additional way for creators to get in the picture occasionally. Thanks for adding this beautiful feature, Lee Heart


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