How Do You Play?
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I haven't played in a long time, but when I start a new family, I always start with one young adult and the first thing I do is plunk them down in the library and make them read skill books until their motives are so low they refuse to read any longer. I usually do one Charisma skill - because then they can gain them by befriending others, and then three of whatever skill they're going to need for their job.

Well, now I want to play. xD I wish the libraries in TS3 weren't devoid of skill books. It's limiting to my play style.
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I loves my TS3, so here are my rules:

1. No CAS made children. If my couples want children, they gotta work for them!
2. No motherlode, only kaching.
3. Before I play a new town, I have to adjust every townies skills/jobs/celebrity status. I hate having "rich" sims employed in cheap professions. I also fix all relationships between townies to my liking, and adjust their gender preferences.
4. Every town must have at least 3 dance clubs
5. My gay male sims must either live alone or with a female "fag hag".
6. Auto flush toilets are banned, no matter how rich the sim
7. Kitchen and bathroom clutter is a must
8. Sims homes are decorated to match their tastes/persona
9. I take every chance to modify an ugly townie
10. Little to no two story homes. The routing lag gets on my nerves.
11. I redocrate NPC homes as I visit them.
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Let's see how we sync up;

I agree with you on rules; 1,2,7,8,9 as for rules that match my TS2 play style. I haven't had a gay male yet but my lesbian Sim just graduated from college although her girlfriend didn't survive. I lost at least 5 from starvation for some reason lol.
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The reason being lack of a fridge, perhaps? Smile It's been known to happen, and the solution is quite simple... don't be such a penny-pincher! Rofl

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They had a mini fridge and a counter and a microwave upstairs and also the dorm cafeteria downstairs. It's not my fault they are too stupid to eat. They don't even shower half the time and I'm not there to babysit them. I wish I could influence more "motive" needs '-'
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