Debate/Discussion: Is corporal punishment an appropriate way to discipline children?
#1 15-08-2011 
I wish sims could actually spank their kids... When I was young, I recieved the occasional corrective spanking now and then, and so did my siblings. And most of us came together quite well. All generations before us have experienced spankings when they did something bad enough to deserve it, and it hardly ever hurt anyone, except that it temporarily made their backsides burn. Which is what made them remember NOT to do that again! So I think there's nothing wrong with it.

Nowadays, too many kids are spoiled rotten, and most of them have no moral code, no respect for anything or anyone, and they just do whatever the hell they damned please. And that's all because they aren't properly corrected anymore...

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I think a child that is not given consistent boundaries, is being abused, not when they receive a spanking. My mom used her father's soft leather shaving strop. It couldn't raise a whelp much less damage our behinds enough to bruise us. But then she didn't have us bare our bottoms. It did improve our memories, though. Tongue

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Hehehe, exactly my point! My memory for things I was NOT supposed to do was sufficiently 'stimulated'. My mom sometimes let us feel the handle of the carpet-beater... a very effective tool, I tell you! And no, we didn't need to bare bottoms, because that handle would be felt anyway! Smile

[Image: 6569377large.jpg]

I agree on the consistent boundaries, though... If today you can do what you'll be punished for tomorrow, then what will you ever learn but hating your parents?

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I do not really have many rules that I play by with my simmies Smile
Well. The beatings did the opposite for me . Undecided
My mom rarely hits my younger siblings . She just screams really loud and yells . Only once have I seen her smack my younger sisters up and that was becayse she kept on crying real loud and wouldnt sit still at all when my mom tried brushing her hair.

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Ah, the way the topic is formulated gives this discussion a totally new meaning in my opinion. So let me rephrase and clarify where I stand on this issue.

I think that moderation is always important. A certain amount of common sense is required. My siblings and I could do some rather stupid things, and most of the time we would just get a rather firm VERBAL punishment. But when we went absolutely too far, and showed no improvement of our memories for outlawed activities, occasionally we could look forward to a physical form of punishment that jogged our memories and taught us to NEVER go there again. I see no harm in that. We all ended up rather well, and none of us have any particular scars as a result of our punishments.

Of course, you don't go beat you child black and blue just because it accidentally spilled a drop of milk on the floor, because that's excessive. And you need to be consistent at all time. If you allow a certain behavior today, punish it tomorrow, and commend it next week, then you'r sending a lot of mixed messages which will do more harm than anything. Also, what goes for one child, should under normal circumstances also go for its siblings. If little Johnny gets his ass whooped for stealing a dollar, then little Carl must recieve the same punishment when commiting the same crime.

If you can't follow such strict rules, you should EITHER not be a parent, OR leave the punishment to someone else, OR find a different way to deal with it.

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Yea, I was a bit unsure how exactly you wanted to phrase the thread title. Sorry about that. I THINK you can edit it though.
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No really, it's fine, Lee. This way it required me to rethink/redefine my position, elaborate on it some more. That's a good thing, actually Wink

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Quote:And you need to be consistent at all time. If you allow a certain behavior today, punish it tomorrow, and commend it next week, then you'r sending a lot of mixed messages which will do more harm than anything.

@levini: There is a difference between beatings and consistent, compassionate corporal punishment done with for the best interests of the child.

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