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On Simbology, I recently recieved a number of requests which to me seemed to make perfect sense to put them together in one single mod. One request was for an expanded, more effective version of Pescado's notelepathy; another was for a mod that would stop virtually all grade- and college-spam; yet another request was about getting rid of certain boring memories like "Met Sim", "Met Pet" etc.; and lastly I myself was fed up with "Mystery Sim" memories.

And suddenly it hit me: what we needed was a user-configurable rewrite of a portion of the memory system. And here it is: BO - No Trash Memories !!

What does this do? Well, many things, actually, but they fall apart in three simple categories:
  1. The so-called trash memories (which the FFS-LotDebugger's "Memory.../Clear Trash" option takes care of) will no longer be created at all! That means your sims will no longer get any "Met so-and-so" memories, EVAH! And also the "Move In/Out" memories are now history... No need to ever again use the batbox to get rid of this crap, because that's fixed once and for all!
    There's one special exception to this: "Met Mystery Sim", which is handled separately.
  2. The "Mystery Sim" memories: For these there are two separate settings in a BCON. One setting handles the Mystery Sim for playable sims (those living in households that you can play), and one for all others. By default, it's set to OFF for playables, and ON for others. So if you make a new sim in CAS and put them in a house, your new sim will NOT have met Mystery Sim, let alone be friends with it, or have kissed it. But townies will still have those memories, so they're available for all romantic interactions normally. You can change these setting however you like, though.
  3. A lot of other options, all available through the BCON:

If an option is set to 0 (zero), it means that this specific memory type will NOT be added: it is suppressed!
If an option is set to 1 (one), that specific memory type will be added to your sims normally, when applicable.

A number of memories have two options; one for the sim itself, another for its family. They are:
  • A+ report
  • D report
  • Overachiever
  • Went to College
  • Probation
  • Expelled
  • Dean's List
  • Grew up Badly
  • Grew up Good

All other memories have only one option:
  • (self) means the playable sim itself is affected
  • (family) means the playable sim's family is affected
  • (any) - same as (self) but may also apply to townies
  • (playables) affects all "Mystery Sim" memories for playable sims only
  • (others) affects all "Mystery Sim" memories for non-playables only
  • (pet) affects the pet itself
  • (townie) special third option for the "Went to College" memory. If set to 0, only YA townies get the memory, adult townies don't!

And then there's one special surprise: option 0x27 (39)!
I figured out what nobody else found so far: the one single BHAV that is responsible for ALL Gossip!
So where Pescado added an option to the Batbox to find every gossip item AFTER it was added to the sim and then delete it, I now offer the option to PREVENT gossip from being added, thereby saving time on both ends!!!

The following picture shows the default configuration, the way I prefer it myself. But you can simply change the only BCON in this mod yourself, using SimPE.

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NOTE: This mod does NOT remove memories that have already been added to your sims. It only prevents NEW memories of certain types from being added.

I tried to make sure that no memories would be blocked that could be important for certain LTWs, but it *is* always possible that I missed something. Use/reconfigure at your own risk.

UPDATE, August 21, 2011: Version 1.01 fixes a bug where adding the "Went to College" memory would cause an error. Please re-download!

UPDATE, October 29, 2011: Version 1.02 fixes a bug where adding the "Academic Probation" memory would cause an error. Please re-download! My apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE, June 11th, 2015: Version 1.03 - Several players have requested that I make the Moved In/Out memories configurable. So now I have. Lines 0x29 and 0x2A in the BCON govern them, and as always, the default settings reflect my preference - my sims do not get these memories. If you want your sims to get those memories, set the relevant lines to 1 yourself.

NOTE: Be aware that updating your version of this mod causes all settings to revert to default. If you made changes before, make notes of them before updating, and restore those settings yourself after installing the new version.

EXTRA INFORMATION, August 25th, 2015:
Recently, I have been recieving reports from various sources that NTM doesn't prevent all gossip. No, it doesn't! And that's simple to explain.
The "Gossip" line in the BCON only prevents new gossip from spreading. But if some sim already knows some gossip, and gets a chance to talk to others about it, those others will get that gossip as well. That's why it is called Gossip! The only way to prevent existing gossip from spreading, is to make sure that there is no gossip to begin with. But even then the system is not air-tight.

It's also true that this mod does not (yet) prevent *all* memory types. It was primarily made to prevent boring memories that occur like clockwork, but have no huge influence on wants or fears. For example, if your sim rolls a want to meet someone new, it's only worth 1,000 points. You do not need to know that this happens a dozen times a day. So you can disable that memory. But a family member getting married, or someone dying is something HUGE. Most players do not want to miss that, and that's why I have not added that.
And there are also a number of memories that I had not considered yet. Like sims learning to cook a new meal, or maxing a skill. These have simply not been built in, so the mod CAN not stop them yet. If you check the picture above, you can SEE which memories can be stopped. Things that are not listed, are not in the mod. And once any sim knows about these, the spreading of gossip begins again.

Now if you encounter such things that are not stopped, and you WANT them stopped, just ask me if it can be built in. But do NOT report that the mod is broken or doesn't work, because that is just not true. The mod works exactly as designed and as promised. There is nothing wrong, except that not all memories are included (yet).

Generally, I will gladly try to fulfill requests to include certain memories, unless some very big want or fear is involved. Simply find an example of the memory in question in SimPE (blue lines), and note the GUID number. If I have that number, there is a good chance that I can figure out how to stop it.
Death is an exception, though; I refuse to stop the memories of sims dying. That is a major event that the surviving sims need to live with.

And now about the batbox:

If I check the batbox, the option to clear gossip is always present. Even if I have already used it a second ago. The batbox ALWAYS gives that option, WITHOUT checking if there *is* any gossip to clear out. That's in fact one of the reasons why I *made* NSL and NTM in the first place: the batbox is a great tool, but not always the most reliable!

I made the NSL and NTM for people who want their game to stay reasonably clean, but do NOT want to keep clicking the batbox all the time. If you keep checking the batbox every few minutes anyway, then maybe you do not trust my mods enough to blindly rely on them. And to be honest, I understand that! In fact, I cannot think of ANY good reason why you *should* trust me or my mods. Because seriously, I have done nothing to deserve anyone's trust at all. And since it makes sense that people should only use mods that they trust, from creators that they trust, I think it's recommended that you ask yourself if you trust me and my mods enough to even use NSL and NTM.

But if you *do* trust me and my mods enough, then maybe you should leave the batbox alone a little more. Smile Ok, so occasionally some things slip through. But it's not as much as would slip through WITHOUT this mod. Your game will not stop functioning because you forgot to clean leftover gossip for a day or two. And if you use FINAL-Bugfix version of No Sim Loaded, the stuff that gets through, will be cleaned up next time you load a lot. Or you could occasionally use the batbox to clean it up. But you do not need to do that every five minutes, like you did before you had this mod installed.

Happy Simming
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#2 15-08-2011
This is looking incredibly cool. A question: Sometimes my sims have a sad thing happen (bugs from knocked over trashbins usually) - and they spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time getting over it. Will this mod stop that daft behaviour as WELL as prevent them remembering it?

#3 16-08-2011
I honestly can't say that yet, Lee. I *tried* to stop ONLY the memories...

#4 16-08-2011
Yay for no junk memories !


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