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#1 02-05-2010 
Yay - I am super excited because today I uploaded a door that I ported from TS3 to TS2. It sounds really easy - and indeed, from TS2>TS3 is easy as far as build objects are concerned. Its not so easy to texture though.

TS3 objects have no textures - just a bunch of grey templates, and then those need texturing. I can't texture - never had the patience for it or the eye for colour.

So I saw all these really nice objects just crying to be ported to TS2 and I couldn't because of my texture problems.....

Amythestfenix to the rescue!! I have always been a big fan of Amythestfenix's recolours so I was really pleased when she agreed to join up and help me with my TS3 > TS2 plan.

Here is our first object:

[Image: dorkydoor-upload-pic.jpg]

I hope you like it, and if you have any requests for more TS3 base game build objects that you would like to see ported to TS2 please post a reply here.


Lee (aka one half of FenixFish)

#2 04-05-2010 
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yay, congrats!

#3 10-05-2010 
Yes! Awesome Big Grin


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