Anybody know what OpCode 0x0073 is?
#1 02-09-2011 
Someone over at MTS has made me want to make Trek teddy bears, so to get a teddy bear mesh to start messing with, I cloned the Paw-crafted Teddy Bear from... is it Free Time? Anyway, so far, so good, but I always like to have a look around when I've cloned an object, just in case it has some nifty function that could come in handy later.

When I got to the BHAVs, I almost choked on my tea. The teddy has a BHAV called - and I kid thee not - "crashy crashy". Smile OpCode 0x0073. The BHAV in its entirety reads:

[prim 0x0073] Debug ([UNK: DebugString:0x01 (Private)] (My 0x000B (object id),
(My 0x000B (object id),
(My 0x000B (object id),
(My 0x000B (object id)))

Has anybody seen this BHAV before, or recognise the OpCode? And knows what it does? Curious minds need to know! Big Grin

(I should stress that this isn't in any way something I have to know in order to successfully make a teddy bear - it just tickles me that an object has a BHAV called "crashy crashy". Wink )

#2 02-09-2011 
I wish I knew anything about BHAVs but sadly I don't Sad

However if I was to venture a guess I would guess that maybe it is when children pound it on the ground over and over again. Then again if it is only in the FreeTime bear I'd have no clue. Good luck Nix! Big Grin
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#3 02-09-2011 
I went back to check, so I cloned the basegame bear as well (and with only the basegame checked in SimPE), and it has the crashy crashy BHAV, too - but now it's blank. And nope, even though the name sounds like it, bear-slamming isn't what it does. There are play semiglobals for that. Smile

I'm going to check a teddy bear with testingcheats on to see if I can find any clues as to what this is. Who'd have thought teddy bears would be so mysterious? Wink
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#4 02-09-2011 
Next time I'm in SimPE, I'll look up that bear and see what this is about, Nix. Because you got *me* curious as well, now.

#5 02-09-2011 
Thanks, BO. Smile Silly thing is, if it had had a normal name, like Function Something, it probably wouldn't have piqued my interest (even though it always puzzles me a little when I see "unknown x" in a BHAV). But "crashy crashy"? Something like that has to be investigated. Wink

I haven't played around with the operands to see what else the BHAV might want to debug other than that unknown string; I'm going to try that tomorrow and see what blows up happens.
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#6 02-09-2011 
I'm also very curious, but I have to do a full reinstall first - then I will take look in SIMPE Smile
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#7 02-09-2011 
Ok, I've checked it out. Looking at the OBJect Functions file (OBJf), I see that this "crashy crashy" is called only when the player tries to delete the object. I imagine it has to do with the "Social - Talk Through" function. That social uses a helper object that will be created when someone intends to talk through the bear. When the bear is being deleted while still in use, the helper object would also need to be destroyed, or it will cause errors when trying to access a bear that no longer exists. And if the helper can't be destroyed, the bear must be prevented from being deleted as well. Tha'ts where the "crashy crashy" DEBUG call comes into play.

It's nothing to worry about, and I think it should NOT be removed at any time. Just a matter of Maxoids trying to be funny when naming a routine... Idiots is what they are!

The call to the Primitive 0x0073 is something that nobody could predict what it does, because it isn't a BHAV, but I guess it is what SimPE names it: some DEBUG function that was built into the engine for cases such as this, to do things that would normally not be possible (or required) otherwise. I'd be afraid to touch that at all.

#8 03-09-2011 
Ahhh, so that's what it's for! Thanks, BO - consider yourself green. Smile

And don't worry, I wasn't worried about it; I didn't think the Maxoids had tossed in a nefarious Easter egg to randomly crash people's games or anything like that. Tongue And I don't delete BHAVs (or save an object after playing with operands I don't know what they do) if I'm not 110% sure it can be done safely - not unless I'm doing it just to see how badly things will go boom, anyway. Wink
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#9 03-09-2011 
Big Grin


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