Hello all!!
#1 12-09-2011 
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Hi all!!!

newbie here! i just found this site. I always loved leefish's creations so i decided to join.

about me. I am a Sims 2 clothes designer. I love making clothes for mainly the toddlers and children.
I am a Colour Sims designer and part of their family.

And at the start of the year I started my own blogsite. Its called Birdgurl's Sims 2 Creations.

Nice to meet you!!!Big Grin

#2 12-09-2011 
Hello, Birdgurl. Nice to meet you too. Smile
Just keep swimming...

#3 13-09-2011 
Birdgurl, so glad you have joined us. Looking forward to seeing more of you around here. Celebrate

#4 14-09-2011 
[Image: bbsporti.gif] G'Day Birdgurl, great to meet you, I've seen your clothes, even suggested them to someone looking for toddler clothes.
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.


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