Poll: What Is Your Fave Sims 2 EP Theme Song?
The Sims 2
Open For Business
Bon Voyage
Apartment Life
None/Don't Care
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Which Sims 2 Theme Is Your Fave?
#1 01-10-2011 
Now that I have figured out how to change out the Sims 2 loading music I have defaulted to using the Sims 2 theme song for the loading music when you first start the game. Somehow I just didn't care for M&G/AP theme all that much.

*Personally couldn't remember if the Stuff Packs had different loading music.*

My personal fave is Open For Business, but that shouldn't come as a surprise seeing how my fave EP is OFB. So it got me thinking; What is the fine folk at Leefish Network's fave theme song/loading music?

*Themes-Just Scroll to the game you want to listen to and then pick "Load" that is the game startup music.*

#2 02-10-2011 
I have all sound muted, so after "back soon soon", which translates to "go to the bathroom now", I don't hear a thing, just the way I like it. Big Grin
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#3 02-10-2011 
I don't really like the Apartment Life piano music - at first I liked it - but I started to miss the REAL tune..

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#4 02-10-2011 
I don't care for the game's theme music. I would like to try and change it to some instrumental versions of the songs I love .

#5 02-10-2011 
I'm not all that keen on the AL theme, either (it's a bit to... uneventful for me), but I don't remember what the other EP themes sound like. Sad I do remember the original, though, so I'll vote for that one!
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#6 03-10-2011 
Added themes playlist to first post, apparently the stuff packs did have loading music but it isn't the same tune as the The Sims 2 theme more likely just other music from build/buy mode.
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#7 03-10-2011 
Ok, let me be honest. Before hitting that link, I had no clue what all these themes sound like... The first ever melody I remembered, was what came with FreeTime. And later, when I installed AL/M&G, I was sad to hear that the tune had changed. But soon I'll have four years of M&G under my belt, and I got accustomed to this song... But I'd still go for FreeTime.

#8 03-10-2011 
Thanks for the link, Xander! I could remember the songs once I'd heard a bar or two, but I frequently went, "oh, was that THAT EP!"

Besides the original theme, I think FT and UNI are my favourites, in that order. Smile
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#9 03-10-2011 
lol - I had such fun - B thinks I have gone over the edge. I am an official fan of the Chocolate song in the Base Game POP radio station Smile
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#10 03-10-2011 
@Lee, I love that one! But I have to say the "Neighbourhood" pop tune is my favourite of all times - after all these years and EPs, I still squee when comes on my Sims' radio. Smile

Too bad B can't take my dog for a walk so they can commiserate together, because Signe also thinks her human has lost it. Wink
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