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These stairs are the scripted version of the stairs Gosik and Inge made from the Generations EP spiral stairs. Gosik made the mesh and textures, while Inge made the script and edited the routing slots and rig.

The scripted version stops the sim animating (he now just snaps from the bottom to the top instead of walking up) and also disables the sliding down rail interaction.
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Please do:
  • Include my objects in your lots
  • Use the objects etc in pictures/machinima/stories
  • Let me know if you recolour one of my items so I can post a link in the upload thread.
Please don't:
  • Share the files as downloads
  • Include my meshes with your recolours unless you ask me first.

You can ask me HERE

Scripted HalfLanding Stairs Screenshot Scripted HalfLanding Stairs Screenshot    
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#5 22-11-2011
Not a dumb question at all Nonni. You see, in Sims3 you are allowed so many floors and that is it (5). So its a bigger deal for them than it is for TS2ers. If you make a CFE staircase in Sims2 or Sims3 it will use a dummy floor and warp the walls around it. Using this means you have no warped walls and - for Sims3 - don't waste a floor level on a dummy.

Yes, Inge cloned it from the spiral stairs so the options are: No anims or spiral anims. It's actually great if you like to take pictures of house interiors.

#6 22-11-2011
I almost understand your explanation. lol

#7 22-11-2011
* leefish hugs Nonni


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