Site Update
#1 24-05-2010 
I have been working away on the new look to the forum - I hope you all like the new header and main site style

New Site Shinies

[Image: star.png] Dropdown links to the various areas to make it quicker to get to where you want to go.

[Image: star.png] Direct links via Cmo and Dal on the nav bar to get straight to CMO's and/or Dal's items

[Image: star.png] A new members only dropdown where you can access some of the site features - messaging, calendar, leefish chat etc

[Image: star.png] New Help section with a link to my site issues tracker - members of the site are requested to report any problems with the site, and you can make requests there too.

[Image: star.png] Quick Theme Changer on the bottom right of every page so every page can be Barbie style if you really want to...

Work in Process
[Image: star.png]Q&A - Ask the Fish - I am a pretty fair creator for TS2 and I can bumble my way through TS3 Ask the fish and co and we will try and help with any problems you are having with creating sims stuff.

Enjoy the site

[Image: star.png] Lee
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower


Sorry, that is a members only option