Small Fixes
#1 26-02-2012 
Not much really - I fixed the link in the user stats table so if you get a post on your upload you can jump to a user's profile and snoop....

I also am working on a recent posts page; we do have the today's posts and new posts but those are search based and sometimes posts can be missed.

* leefish looks at fanseelamb

I have link in the header now under site links - and if fanseelamb does not say "tyvm leefish" then I shall go and put her vampires in the Sahara.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 26-02-2012 
Whatever fanseelamb does, *I* will say "thank you very much, Leefish".

I never asked, but I always wondered about those. I've often clicked the "new posts" link and gotten empty search results. And here see: good things come to those who wait... Tongue

#3 26-02-2012 
zomg tyvm leefish!!! Big Grin

#4 28-02-2012 
I also added a small feature that meant we had one less image to load on page load - that is the online/offline indicator. Now, if you are ONline then you will have a coloured border on your avatar (posts only - profile already has an online indicator) and OFFline users will have their avatar "greyed out" with a red border.

Useless, but fun.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower


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