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A new meal of simlish Idahoan potatoes. Available for all 3 meals. All of the morph states are included (fully animated).

Poly Counts:

Ingredients Tray: 146
Preparation Step 1:486
Preparation Step 2:166
Cooking State:166
Group Serving:198
Single Serving:130
Single Serving and Plate:562

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Feel free to use them however you want, please don't steal them. That is all.

Simlish Mashed Potatoes Screenshot Simlish Mashed Potatoes Screenshot          
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#2 15-03-2012
Very cool Jon - any chance of a nicer thumbnail pic to keep the front page looking pretty?

* leefish cares about pretty. Shallow, I know.

#3 15-03-2012
I took the liberty of editing the thumb with a pretty pic sent to me by Shell.

...awww, thank you Shell.

#4 15-03-2012
See? That pretty thumb sold it to me! Smile A beautiful girl of Sim-African descent beating innocent taters to a pulp... yeah, that works for me... Tongue

Thanks Jon, for making and sharing this, thanks Shell for supplying the nice thumb, thanks Lee for putting it in. Smile


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