Creature Fixes plus Vamp Hunger Funtionality?
#1 26-03-2012 
I can occasionally merge two versions of a BHAV if there are just a few minor differences but these two versions of "Social - Kiss of the Vampire - TEST" don't appear to resemble each other much at all. The two mods in question are Pescado's creaturefixes and Linolino's "Vampire's Real Bite" @ MTS2. As you seem particularly talented at weaving together the best features of conflicting mods, I figured I'd let you have a look. In Pescado's mod, vampires are prevented from biting npcs as it is disastrous for a hard-coded npc like Mrs. Crumplebottom to be bitten (I don't recall if a patch addressed this) and annoying and ultimately damaging to a neighborhood for bartenders and the like to be bitten and sent to the townie pool, generating a new factory fresh npc and further bloating a neighborhood already populated by countless template doppelgangers. Linolino's mod, like the Black_Spirit mod it is based on, adds functionality that allows vampires to drink blood to satisfy hunger (defining characteristic of vampires omitted from the original game) and delivers a motive hit to the sim being bitten. Perhaps the addition of a relationship threshold to determine whether the sim bitten actually becomes a vampire would be a nice touch if this interests you, to save us a few calls to the Gypsy for potions. I have attached both mods in their current versions for convenience. Thanks.

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#2 26-03-2012 
I'll have a look at it, rawmilk. But for easier reference, I'd also like a couple links to the pages where you got this stuff from... Searching isn't quite my thing, and Google often hates me.

#4 04-04-2012 
I found that the version I had was old, from 6/17/2011. It is a good thing you asked for links. I thought development was pretty much done on the TS2 director's cut, but no, creaturefixes was updated on 10/17/2011, but the change involves werewolf memories, so it wouldn't pertain to this...,8.0.html

#5 05-04-2012 
I must tell you, it's rather tough to make sense of these completely different BHAVs, let alone meld them into one! It may still take some time to sort this out...

#6 05-04-2012 
I appreciate your having a look at it, whatever it may or may not yield.


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