#1 05-04-2012 
Hello, I've been browsing the site from time to time for a short bit, since October, and I've posted a few comments but I don't know that I wrote an intro yet. I guess if I were to mention games that have held my attention in the long term I would include The Sims 2 (obviously,) Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, that sort of thing. I also use Second Life sometimes, not neccessarily a "game" but has some definite similarities in terms of content creation. Custom content and active online communities do a great deal to keep things interesting. I'm not sure it's appropriate to share a bunch about my personal life or who I am in general as I doubt anyone is all that curious. I'll leave it at a hello and thank you for putting so much time and effort into sharing fun.

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Welcome to Leefish, rawmilk905. I believe we've 'met' already Tongue And if you have any more ideas on how I could improve my mods, I'm all ears! Smile

#3 05-04-2012 

I saw you have been picking BO's brains on mods over in his garage, nice to meet you. I wonder if you have any mods of your own you might like to share? You seem to know a bit about BHAVs.

I also noticed that you are identified as a FISH on your profile page Tongue

I am always interested to see what people have in their games, and also interested on how they experience the site ( - is it easy to find things, how can I improve the interface that sort of thing.
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As BHAVs go, I only know I get baffled if I stare too long, but once in a while I actually figure something out. I did a few little fixes for myself back in the Sims One days of old, but I only muddle through SimPE. I only have one little sorter mod upload on MTS2. I think you are among the people who hit the thanks button. It just recategorizes the angora hat so that it can be worn with the flapper dress (dress was formal only, made formal and everyday, hat was everyday only, made formal, everyday, and outer.)

You may note that I hadn't edited my profile. Is that your hint that I ought to do so? Smile

Well I have a good many things in my game, not the least of which are your lovely build mode items (Your Socialite door, particularly puts the original to shame.) I like the site being organized as it is based on uploader, the only difficulty I've ever encountered was remembering to filter out the TS3 stuff, which is of course the case everywhere now.

#5 06-04-2012 
Oh - yes - that is a GREAT mod on the hat and flapper dress. I was most pleased to see it.

Re the profile - no, you were one of my test cases to see if the default fields worked....and that one does. I am going to redo all the profiles so stand well back in case of asplosion.

* leefish denies any accusations that she uses the leefish site members as test subjects.
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Ah, I *knew* I had seen your name somewhere before... Thanks for linking to that sorter mod... Got it too, now Smile

And by the way: "Raw Milk", isn't that just GRASS? Tongue

#7 06-04-2012 
G'Day rawmilk905, welcome to Leefish. I've never even noticed the angora hat before, you were right about it being a perfect match with the flapper dress. Smile
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BO, lol, it just means unpasteurized. You want the rather uninteresting story behind the screen name? My initials are RMK, and I chose that moniker when I first got on AOL back in high school. "Raw milk" was in a string of phrases in a typing textbook and I'd been typing it that day and noting that my initials were there, evenly spaced, not counting the space (RawMilK.) The 905 was just randomly generated by AOL to make the name unique, but I have kept the name consistent online whenever possible.
Hello Michelle, and thanks everyone for being so friendly here.

#9 06-04-2012 
I just uploaded some of my screenshots to flickr. The first few were taken for that sorter mod, a couple are just random because I liked those sims, but the majority of them are for recolors of baggy tee separates I've been working on but haven't uploaded because I haven't nearly completed any of the themed sets (I'm thinking about 10 shirts per theme.) I'd want to upload (Nautical/Beach, Hobbies, Vamp, etc.) I'm simply putting colorized characters from dingbat fonts onto the shirts but I think it's so much better than having a blank tee. You are welcome to any that you like before I upload them, just ask. I have repository linked unisex child and teen male versions for most of the adult male tees I've completed. I would be doing some for women too if only there were a good baggy tee separate mesh for women (the one I found had no real sleeves and an unsatisfactory fat mesh and I'm not a mesher.)

#10 06-04-2012 
Those pictures look very cool. Maybe you might like to post one in the pics forum and link to the Flickr gallery for further viewing?

To upload to fish pics max image size is 1024 by 1024 and 250kb or less

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Sorry, that is a members only option