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Originally uploaded on MTS as part of the Merrye Makers Medieval Project, a "Maxis Match" door that is made to go with the Base Game Sir Cunningham window (which is really more Tudorish than medieval, but yea...) The door has an extra preset where the door handle is a rougher brown metal and still has the original preset with the shiny handle. This means that the door can also be used by none-medieval style players. While I was there I repositioned the Mission arch to also be centred on two tiles.

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Centred Door and Arch Screenshot Centred Door and Arch Screenshot Centred Door and Arch Screenshot Centred Door and Arch Screenshot      
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#2 06-04-2012
I've always liked this arch, thanks Lee!

#3 06-04-2012
Once again, great job Lee.

#4 13-04-2012
A must-have that I almost would not have had! Thank you, Lee. You did a wonderful job on this one Heart


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