automatically own all clothes in catalogue without having to buy them
#1 06-04-2012 
Hiya BO! This might be a tough one, but for years I've wanted my sims to automatically own everything in the clothing catalogue without having to buy it all. It's just so tedious buying all those clothes for each sim.

I was thinking it may be possible to somehow use the OFB employee uniform selection screen instead of the normal clothing selection screen? That OFB screen shows all outfits in the catalogue without having to buy them. Unfortunately employee uniforms also carry a bug that makes sims' faces sometimes get reset to the default face templates... but I have no idea if that's connected to the clothing selector. In fact, it'd be amazing if there's some way you could fix that bug.

Of course if there's a way to use basegame screens instead of OFB ones that would be even better.

Anyhow. Yeah. Not sure if this request is remotely possible, but I see an awesome modder with a requests forum and I gotta ask! Smile

#2 06-04-2012 
Hi Fansee Tongue

Isn't a hacked clothing object the smarter way to go? Like Pescado's clothing tool, or Numenor & MaryLou's Hacked clothing rack? Either seems to be capable of doing what you want: give your sim any outfit you want them to have, without the need for them to pay anything.

Adding the whole catalogue to any sim's wardrobe certainly isn't the right way to do it, because that adds an enormous amount of data to the household, probably making it unplayable forever on ANY machine. And in *my* humble opinion, using the OFB uniform tool isn't a good idea either, simply BECAUSE of that stupid face-bug. I'd prefer to stay away from that Smile

#3 06-04-2012 
Well I do use Numenor & MaryLou's coat hook but it's still tedious. See I like my sims to have lots of clothing options, and that often means about an hour of clicking on clothes to "buy" them even with that rack.

I guess ideally what I'd like is if we could bypass the owned clothes and just load the full catalogue -without- adding the clothes to the family. A bit like you can with that OFB screen or with trying on clothes from the Maxis community lot clothing rack. I use the "test outfit" debug option from that rack to test clothes that I make and it's so much easier than buying things from the hacked coat hook. Of course it doesn't plan outfits properly, so it's no good for normal gameplay.

Hmm. Another thing that might make the outfit planning easier is if - forgetting about the whole "own everything" idea - if the clothes that the sim does own are sorted in the same order as they appear in CAS. That would make it much easier to find stuff in their closet.

Anyhow, of course it's fine if you're not interested in attempting any of this. Smile

#4 06-04-2012 
Well, as a modder, I'm interested in anything anyone could ask for. I'm not designed to be picky in that respect. It's just that this is very complicated matter, which I'm not sure I could ever do. And as I said: having access to all clothing options is a dangerous thing to the playability of your household.

But I'll look it over and see what our options are... Mind you, I'm absolutely NOT very optimistic about this one, but I'm still willing to have a look.

#5 06-04-2012 
Well thanks, BO! That's so nice of you. I too am pretty doubtful that it's doable, but you never know.

#6 06-04-2012 
Fansee, there is a Dizzy mod that allows you to change the full appearance including clothes for any sim on the lot using any mirror. Instead of using the houshold's wardrobe inventory it gives access to the full catalog except for the hidden clothes, and clothes for each category (PJ's, Outerwear, etc.) and it ends with the usual change appearance screen. It's great for making over all manner of townies and service npcs, just use Inge's teleporter cat to get them to the lot and edit away! It is in the anthology of Dizzy mods ( if you have AL) which was over at Crazy Town, but the site looks like it may be closed/changed. If nobody else knows where to find it online I can send you a copy. A good complement to it it too is the casual npcs mod also in that file which makes npcs wear their everyday outfit which normally matches the forced outfit anyhow. In its current version it doesn't interfere with special cases like the Tour Guide and Unsavory Charleton, but it does let you have a Fire Dancer with a darker skin tone, or a DJ without a mullet and you can fix some of the sillier hobby instructors.

#7 06-04-2012 
Oh, I just realized this may not be what you are asking for if you want to add to the household inventory, not change just the current outfits. Still you may find it useful as it eliminates the need to use the household inventory at all.

#8 06-04-2012 
Thanks for the tip, rawmilk! I googled and found the file on 4shared, but unfortunately it doesn't do what I want. It only works on NPCs and only seems to find clothes that the household owns. I was hoping for a mod that works on playable sims and displays the entire clothing catalogue, not just items the family has bought.

#9 06-04-2012 
rawmilk905;11105 Wrote:It is in the anthology of Dizzy mods ( if you have AL) which was over at Crazy Town, but the site looks like it may be closed/changed.

Yeah, CT has been gone for a while now... However, all their members and all their stuff are now at TFM's Naughty Sims Asylum. One *does* need to register to get to see anything, though... The residents of this mad house have their minds in the gutter a lot Big Grin, so it's not always family friendly there. And I know, because I'm committed as well.

In fact, the Crazy Town link at SimsWiki now *leads* to the Asylum!

#10 06-04-2012 
Is this of any use to you? Numenor and MaryLou at MTS created a coat hook that allows you to use all clothes without buying them "SHOP-AT-HOME" COAT HOOK
Get for free any type of clothings!
by MaryLou & Numenor
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