How Large Is Your: Downloads Folder
#1 07-04-2012 
Right, so a previous thread turned from talking about using custom music in the game (which I was apparently the only one who does that) to me jokingly saying it would have been easier to ask what everyone's download folder size was. So without further rambling...

"How Large Is Your: Downloads Folder?"

Mine is: 6.25 GB = 8,756 Files, 403 Folders
Mine actually is: 1.80 GB 5,772 Files, 307 Folders Tongue (Sims 2 folder)

You can specify either Sims 2 or Sims 3, it doesn't matter.

#2 07-04-2012 


1,153 Files, 150 Folders , a total of 234 mb.


(Downloads = sims3packs)

11 files, 1 folder, 138mb


42 Files, 11 Folders, 23mb

Conclusion: Sims2 CC is WAAAAY more addictive than Sims3 CC. You also get a LOT more CC for your kilobyte Big Grin

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#3 07-04-2012 
I only have Sims 2, my downloads folder goes up and down depending on what I'm working on, it's 169MB at the moment. 500 Files, 88 Folders.
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#4 07-04-2012 
My "The Sims 2/Downloads" folder is somewhat... larger...

9429 files in 476 folders, weighing in at 1.7 GB

That's more files and more folders than you, Shane, but a way smaller total size. Most of the CC in my game has been compressorized, though. That might also make a big difference.

#5 07-04-2012 
Sims 2:
I cant exactly remember the amount of Sims 2 Downloads I had since I completely removed TS2 off. but I know I had waaaay more than Lee (I know I lost count after 3,000 files). Then again clothing, recolors (clothing hair and items), and hair took up the most amount of file size (even after compressorizer) but then again most of the hairs I picked up were Pookleted versions of Newsea, Peggy, Rose, and some F2M/M2F (Female to Male/Male to Female) versions of said creator's works (A lot of which are high in polygons I believe). Also, compressorizing did very little for me.

Sims 3:

Sims3Packs: I have 109 of them all totalling to 74mb (Post compressorizer). Most of that folder is from Awesims, though (I lurve me some Mid Century) with only one item (Mid Century Kitchen) from the EA CrapPile Store.
Packages: I have 192 files, all totalling to a nice 25mb (Post compressorizer). For the most part most of it is Plum, PurplePaws, some package versions of Awesims content I found on her site/Living Sims (IIRC), The Maxis Match stuff OmegaStar Made, and a lot of HL's fixes/ stuff

Conclusion: Actually, Lee, Sims 3 is a lot better.

#6 07-04-2012 
I also have compressorized my mods, but I think the cars and hairstyles are the majority of the bloat in my Downloads folders.
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#7 07-04-2012 
levini;11145 Wrote:Conclusion: Actually, Lee, Sims 3 is a lot better.

So how many hairs and clothes do you have for TS3? That is where the numbers really start to rack up.

See, for my TS3 cc at least 90% is build stuff by me that is repositoried to game content.

It is textures that cost you in either game. In TS3 there is the added "bonus" that the game NEEDS more polygons in models.

Course, as you are speaking from a situation where it is based on what YOU recall (Rofl)then I am going to carry on in my belief that you get a LOT more CC for your KB in Sims2.

It is also true that you need more CC in sims2 because of the recolours - if there was no colour wheel I assure you TS3 would have ended its run by now - as no-one would be playing it.
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#8 07-04-2012 
Downloads folder: 724 MB Mostly skins here and mods.

The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins: 354 MB
Most of my objects are here because I don't like seeing the CC star.

The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff\TSData\Res\Catalog\Skins: 182 KB (excluding original game files) Tiny sorter mods.
Obviously that's TS2, I've had no urge to even try TS3.

#9 07-04-2012 
@rawmilk905: Did you ever hear of this mod? If basically replaces the CC star with nothing, which maybe is my imagination something that also speeds up thumbnail loading. Maybe, not too sure on the increased speed being a fact. I like having all my content appearing as if it was there all along and not added in and I never, EVER, delete anything in game.
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#10 07-04-2012 
@Lee: I have very few. As I dont really play any sims besides using model sims and for that I only have a few files for my model sims (Axel and Delilah)
For Axel:
- Kanno's Moonlight Skin Replacements (I only kept the ages I used for my models)
- TummyZa's bodyhair
For Delilah:
- Anubis's Conversion of Nouk's Long Wavy hair (Ironically, the only hair I really loved in TS2 )
- Elexis's eyebrows

so, yeah about 4 CAS/Sim things, since EA did a little better with the clothing/hair for both genders and I can tolerate the EA clothes a bit.


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