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#1 11-04-2012 
* leefish boggles

I have added an experimental Unread Posts thing to LeeFish - it should be a better counter of the new posts and threads. The only way to test it is to try it out, so I have added a link in the usermenu (that popup when you click user options) and in the welcome box on the Home Page.

A TEENY glitch - it needs to set - so you may see that you have a ridiculous number of Unread Posts. You can clear that by clicking on the link and hitting mark all as read. That will reset the counter and then it should hopefully disappear.

It will return when there are new posts. I hope.
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#2 11-04-2012 
I had already seen my ridiculous number of posts a few minutes ago, and had also discovered the way to reset it. Now this new thread showed up as 1 unread post, and disappeared as soon as it was read. So for me, it seems to work Big Grin

Nice touch, Lee. I love it! Heart

#3 12-04-2012 
Seems to work...I marked my 1700 + post as read, the 'view unread posts' disappeared, I left the site and when I came back it said 'view unread posts 1'. I think I will be abusing that button. Thanks for thinking of it...but not sure we need it in the user menu, the home page should be enough.
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#4 12-04-2012 
Works for me too! Big Grin What a nifty feature! I think having it in the User CP as well seems good if we want to be able to check for new threads from the mini sites or a thread and such without having to return to the home page. Smile
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#5 12-04-2012 
*waits patiently for a new post*

And it works for me as well. It's a great addition, thank you. Smile

#6 12-04-2012 
Seems to work well for me too. It's a very handy feature!

#7 13-04-2012 
Hmm, the top post of this thread... at first it showed up on the portal as "/me boggles...", but now it actually reads "* leefish boggles...".

I don't know who/what's responsible for this change, but it looks fantastic!!!

#8 13-04-2012 
Yea, I finally fixed it. A small glitch that always irritated me. Big Grin
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#9 13-04-2012 
I could have lived with the glitch for a while longer, dear. But I'm very happy that we won't have to. Well fixed! Heart

#10 13-04-2012 
Wait that action text formatting is automatic? How cool!

* fanseelamb is impressed


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