Hi. I'm Kiri
#1 08-05-2012 
Simthing for Everyone <-- this is my website.
I've been playing Sims since Sims 1 Livin' Large. I used to create a lot when I played Sims 1, I did retexturing when I played Sims 2 and stopped playing and creating about 5 years ago and started playing Sims 3.

But I've missed the Sims from my hood that started in Sims1, Sims 2, and never made it Sims 3. So about a month ago now, I have re-installed Sims2, and started to play again. I still enjoy Sims 3, but Sims 2 lets me do what I want.

And in the last 5 years so much has changed!! I'm quite excited by things like layerable makeup, and the quality of textures has so improved!

Anyways now I have a project to get my hood up and running with all the things I love in it.

It looks like I need to start learning to mesh and doing associated things with it to do some of the things I want to do. So I'm re-joining the creating community. Smile

In real life, I have 2 cats (both rescue cats), live in Melbourne Australia , and am an old woman. Oh and occasionally I make smileys. Big Grin

So... um... Hi! [Image: hi.gif]
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hello Kiri, yes, I know what you mean re sims2 versus sims3. I love the colour wheel and the pretty hood view, but the sims2 sims are so sweet.

If you want to make things for sims2 then we are GOOD at that (are not bad at sims3 either) and if you need any help just ask.

"An old woman" << Rofl

Average age on this site is over 30 - if we took levini out of that then it would be over 40.

Big Grin
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Hello Smile

#4 08-05-2012 
Hi Rawmilk Smile

Lee - I've raised the average a bit more Smile But it's good to here about the average being over 30.

Good to hear about things for Sims2. Smile And yes. I do want to make things for Sims2. It's about time I got off my behind and started meshing and stuff. Smile

#5 08-05-2012 
Well, I saw you posted in the Grocery windows thread - what you might want to do....is have a go at that yourself. I will help you, and I have to say it is a LOT easier making conversions going from 3 > 2. Like a LOT.
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Welcome Kiri Big Grin
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Hi Kiri, welcome to Leefish.

A new creator is always welcome, especially (from *my* pov) for TS2! Smile

An "old woman"? What the eff does that mean? You're only as old as you feel, girl... Do you feel old? At 53, I'm certainly *not* old. I may be grumpy at times, but I was that 30 years ago, too!


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I'm feeling old, because I'm about to turn 50, in just over a week's time. It's a landmark birthday like 21 and 42. It's also my first landmark birthday without my parents. (mum died last year). So yeah - for the moment, I feel old. But on the other hand - I'm a jolly old woman so that's ok. Big Grin

And there's nothing wrong with being grumpy!

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Welcome to the 50's! It's not so bad...
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#10 08-05-2012 
Hi Kiri! You'll like it here, promise. Smile It's good to see you back wanting to create. I've quite a few of your "old" stuffs in my game. Looking forward to seeing more.

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