Baggy Tees from free dingbats...
#1 09-05-2012 
OK, here is a pic of the first three (hopefully of ten) Beach/Nautical Tees.
Comments please?

[Image: 7162263872_b343c20196_c.jpg]

#2 09-05-2012 
OK, I moved you over to the "Work in Process" area.

I hope that is ok....
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#3 09-05-2012 
Absolutely OK! It's your site. Smile

#4 09-05-2012 
Well yes, but it is your thread Big Grin. I just think that you might get more feedback with the TShirts here.

Hmm. I like the back of the sea horse one - same on the shell. I am not so keen on the front of the seahorse - I am not sure why - I think it is because the knobbles on the seahorse spine and the shell edge are a bit dark. They do look like TShirts though.

I like the blue one, my fave remains the griffin Big Grin
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#5 09-05-2012 
Ack, because I really thought I'd begun to fade them too much.

#6 09-05-2012 
Looking at some of the base game skins, many of those decals are at 100% opacity. I tried some lighter, but I think this might be as far as I'll go. I want the image to be reasonably crisp and still pop a bit. Do you think the color has anything to do with it?

#7 09-05-2012 
It is hard to tell - maybe I am not that keen on the colors. We need fansee, who is probably out drinking tru-blood.....
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#8 10-05-2012 
Hmm, Clam Shell and Seahorse are reworked.

[Image: 7172635380_682fc1ba22_z.jpg]

Compare and Contrast...
[Image: 7172615236_62d7d5711e_z.jpg]

#9 11-05-2012 
Hmmm. Of the seahorses, I like the one on the right in the bottom pic the most (but I like faded). I LIKE the griffin.

Maybe on the seahorse something between the two?
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#10 11-05-2012 
I was thinking that, but, I am satisfied with that result and I am ready to leave it as it is, if it meets general approval. What think you of the clam shell in the red version?

I knew you liked the orange one, I was putting them side by side so you could judge the contrast on the others against that one. Smile


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