SimPE clothing clone? Change default settings in DDS utility?
#1 10-05-2012 
Is there a way to use SimPE or any other tool, to just duplicate a package file (clothing) and change the GUID? Every time I churn something out of body shop I have to delete the same resources. If I could simply make an exact duplicate of a file with the GUID changed, and perhaps the name of the texture, things would go so much quicker. Also, is there an .ini/config file to edit somewhere for the DDS builder to tell it I want "None" do be the default setting for "Sharpen:" not "Smoothen?"


#2 10-05-2012 
Yes, this should be possible... You should even be able to just copy/duplicate the file in Windows explorer, and then open the duplicate in SimPE and change it's GUID. That way, you'd have two identical copies of the same object, which would live together in-game. You could then alter some details on one of the copies and it should still work.

I'm not quite sure at the moment if any other measures are required. I'll look into that, and try to come back to you with more info if required.

#3 10-05-2012 
I just wouldn't know what to change the GUID to... is there something in SimPE that generates them? Object Workshop probably won't do it for a clothing file. I think there is a clothing workshop but I've never found it too useful.

#4 10-05-2012 
Yeah, there is some place in the settings where you must register a new username, and then you get your own GUID 'domain'. Once that's done, every time you create a new object, you can order SimPE to "get GUID".

I'd have to first find out how *I* did that registration thing, because that';s a long time ago for me.

#5 10-05-2012 
There is a possibility that you cannot register - the db had a problem some time ago.

But - if you still can, then if I recall correctly it is Preferences Ident to sign up.
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#6 10-05-2012 
Sorry for the double post, but I didn't want to risk you missing this:

In SimPE's menu bar, click "Extra", and select "Preferences..".
In the Prefences window, scroll all the way down the menu bar, until you see "Ident". Click that.

Give the name you want to identify yourself with. Then you should get some option to register that name. You'll then recieve a User ID, which will link you to a specific page of GUIDs. Make an exact note of your user name and ID, because you may need them again when re-installing SimPE later (on a new system, for example).

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#7 10-05-2012 
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#8 10-05-2012 
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#9 10-05-2012 
Oh, I have one already, I am pretty sure. The only thing I'm running into is Skin Workshop only appears to list Maxis clothing, and not even a complete list of that, as far as I can tell. Looking at names of clothing is not nearly as helpful as viewing the textures.

#10 10-05-2012 
If you already have an ID, then you need to use the same page to re-enter your ID, and then SimPE should give you the option (in the Plugin-view of the OBJD resource) to "get GUID"


Sorry, that is a members only option