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Boleyn Manor is a large Tudor house and sits on a large plot, with far-reaching views across the English countryside. It is set in a beautifully landscaped garden. The garden layout was inspired by Hampton Court Palace in the UK. The Knot Garden is traditionally found in Tudor gardens.

4 Bedrooms
En suite Bathroom
Family Bathroom
Large Open Plan Kitchen/Dining/Family Room
Kitchen Garden
Large Landscaped Garden

You will need to use a gardening mod for this as some of the plants are not accessible to sims. You can get one here

I also suggest using Moghughson’s watch TV from anywhere mod, you can get it here

Unfortunately, these fireplaces do not function on the diagonal.

Cost: 213,546
Lot size: 60x30

Custom Content required but not included:
Kitchen Basic by Buggybooz at Mod the Sims
Michelle - buggybooz Kitchen Basic AL Recolour (dark brown) at Leefish

Leefish - Place me Anywhere Lamp
Fanseelamb - Bedding for Boys
Mod the Sims
Hearty Light tiles (wall)
Tiny Tile Mosaic (full wall)
Tiny Tile Mosaic (3/4 wall)
Missionaire Desk 1 Tile
Willow Clock
Shakerlicious Dining Table
Shakerlicious Dining Chair
Closets are for clothes
Single Tile Closet recolour (clothes)
Open me door on 2 tiles
Phoenix Phaerie
Manor House Wall Sconce
Bouganvillea in a Pot
Daisies in a Pot
Tulips in a Vase
Other Places
4ESF - Outdoor Climbing Rose
Sandy at ATS2 - Tropezienne Bathroom Column End Table
Nengi's Spot - Shrubbery Fence Short
x 6

Please do not reupload my Lots and claim them as your own. If you would like to use any of my Lots in a neighbourhood that you wish to upload please PM me for permission first.

You may use my recolours in Lots that you upload to any site. Please provide a link back to my profile on the site that you downloaded it from. Whilst some of my recolours can be found here at Leefish and SFUK most of them are at MTS (

Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot Boleyn Manor Screenshot
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yay - thank you Karen Big Grin

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You're welcome, got loads of feedback from Leefish, thanks everyone, it really helps to get things right.

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Turned out lovely, great gazebo, thanks. Smile

How you fit so much in such a small file boggles the mind.


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