Weep with Me....
#1 19-05-2012 
For my Hoey (Hamsters on Ecstasy - my PC) is dying and in it's death throes stopping me from working. Sad

I wanted to upgrade Hoey, I didn't want to buy a new one to replace HIM!!!

It's all under control really - Actually - it's just the graphics card, and I'm thinking a new graphics card will resurrect him. On the other hand Clappers who I gave to some friends is coming home tomorrow to let me work until the new bright PC (who currently doesn't have a name) is ordered and comes home.

Clappers, Hoey... why yes - I name my computers strange names. Don't you? Rofl I used to name my hard drives too (well actually I still do - but they get names like brick, and mainframe).
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#2 19-05-2012 
* leefish joins in the mourning throng...

Arg - well, at least you can upgrade, which is a sort of good thing.

Naming PCs >>

My first PC was called George. Was a grand old chap (a 486), is now retired.

George's replacement was a muscular young chap called Henry. Very mobile. Big Grin

However, fickle simmer that I am, I decided that Henry was rather weedy actually, and moved him into the back bedroom. HIS replacement was Lappy (sad name, great laptop) and Lappy was my bosom companion for many years.

Sadly, all good things must end, and one day Lappy - ended. (sob)

His replacement was Rocky (named for his speed, muscles and general immobility) but Lappy will always have my heart. Even though he had a stupid name.
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#3 19-05-2012 
Mine is called Blue room, because, it's............................. in the Blue Room!
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#4 19-05-2012 
Mine doesn't have a name. And I so won't go for the obvious- it's black. The monitor is black. The keyboard is black. The speakers, all the wires.. The mouse is pink and it has color-changing, light up flowers. (I didn't choose it for that feature- honest! It's light, small, fast and fits in the palm of my hand just right.) Smile

* mustluvcatz volunteers to be coffin bearer for Hoey

#5 19-05-2012 
* Twi joins in the mourning too

My first two laptops had names, but I honestly don't remember them anymore... This current one doesn't have a name yet because I'm really bad at naming things and I wanted to give it something good, but I couldn't come up with anything witty.

#6 19-05-2012 
* mustluvcatz adopts twi's excusereason re: why her computer doesn't have a name Big Grin

#7 19-05-2012 
* NixNivis hangs her head and mourns for Hoey

My notebook is called Lilleman - Little Guy in Swedish - because, well, he's a notebook. Not exactly the biggest computer around. Wink

My current big computer is officially called Cicero V, but his unofficial name is Hubbe. (My computers are like dogs, they have one fancy name and one everyday name.) It's pronounced like "hubby", but that's NOT what it means; it's a nickname for Hubert, which was his predecessor's unofficial name. (Officially, that one was Cicero IV.)

My very first computer - an IBM XT 286, back in 1990 - was called Cicero. (Yes, I named my computer for a Roman orator. I was quite the Latinist back in the day - took it at uni, even.) The next one was, of course, Cicero II. Cicero III was the first one to have an unofficial name; he was called The Hub, because he was networked with Cicero II for a little while when I'd just got him. So his successor was called Hubert.

The first Cicero is still alive, BTW. I have him in my basement. Smile (Cicero the computer, that is. The real Cicero was murdered by Marc Anthony's henchmen in 43 BC, and I can assure you I do not have him in my basement.) He has a 12" monochrome monitor, weighs about three times what Cicero V/Hubbe does, and has a hard drive of a whopping 20 MB.

* NixNivis has very fond memories of that computer

#8 19-05-2012 
We rescued an old Commodore computer from my uncle's flat, think it still works, still sitting in the corner doing nothing, we've got nothing to put on it, Sad (It's destined for ebay eventually.)

Nix's comment reminds me of the Information Technology course that I took as at College in 1995, aimed at women returning to work. We learnt on dos machines and the college had one room with window 95 computers. We didn't like them, preferred the dos! I also relearnt how to touch type - how many people learn how to do that nowadays? I'm very grateful for the spell checker though Smile
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#9 19-05-2012 
I preferred DOS to Win 95, too! Celebrate Cicero II ran Win 95, but back in those days, PCs (thankfully) still had DOS running underneath. It happened more times than I could count that I went "oh for f's sake!" when Windows was being a pane (Tongue), rebooted in DOS mode and did whatever it was I wanted to do from there instead. Much less of a hassle that way!

And touch typing is a tool of survival in my book. Smile

#10 19-05-2012 
My touch typing isn't as good as it used to be, my mind thinks faster than my fingers and there's a delete button! But, at least I don't have to search for the letters, now numbers - I never did master those! I have a colleague at work who uses proper pitman's shorthand too!
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