Getting Leftovers?
#1 22-05-2012 
My idea...
When you direct a sim to "Get Leftovers", instead of having to tell them wich left over to get, have then get the most appropriate available.
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#2 22-05-2012 
Actually, I have been thinking about the same thing for a long time, Bec. But the thing is: it's not going to be easy to implement, because: WHAT is appropriate? How do you determine that? Different people may have different ideas about "appropriate".

Myself, I don't care about the food type for the time of day. I just want them to take partly eaten meals out first (even if that means a sim needs to get three leftovers to be satisfied), because otherwise you end up with a fridge full of very unsatisfying scraps.
Others may wish the sim to only pick meals that fit the hunger level, so as to prevent having to put scraps back.
And yet others may wish the sim to have a meal that fits the time of day.

And then there's the issue that the meals aren't actually stored as physical meals, but as tokens, which I would need to translate to the correct object info first, before determining which one to pick... I don't have all the info required for that, yet... I'm still collecting Smile

But yeah, in the end, I *do* want to end up making this one!

#3 22-05-2012 
I try to pick the most appropriate looking meal for my sims for the right time of day. But, as you know, it's really difficult to tell. So yes, I'd like that too.
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#4 22-05-2012 
I wish I knew how to make these kinds of mods myself, but I have my hands full with other things (Sim Tracker, recolors, and eventually meshing).

I'd say make all three versions, however what I am thinking for myself, is one that fits hunger level.

It would be nice to have a "check on leftovers" as well, to see whats left.

Of course, you could make a mod that has several options in the menu (Yes, I know it's a lot of work), like "Get Leftovers...", "Norma;, "By Meal Type", "By Meal Size", "By Satifaction" ... just a thought.

(I'm in no rush).

#5 22-05-2012 
"Make all three of them!"... "Make all three of them!"... Woman, you must think I'm bored and have nothing else to do! Do you realize how different these three would be? How much work it would take to maintain all of them in case of bugs/updates and whatnot? You must be joking, truly Smile

Yeah, "Check on Leftovers" would be wonderful... But the problem is: the fridge is already an object very packed with lots of code for all kinds of stuff. Hacking in all this extra stuff is going to be a killer, and it's going to conflict with quite a few mods out there. Not even to mention the fact (which I already mentioned earlier) that I have far from all the data required.

I'll see about this thingy for automatic leftover selection... because that's something I'd like too. But which version it'll be will depend on what is easier to make... And it may still take a while, because I've had this plan for at least two years already, and it's still not there, as you may have noticed! Maybe other versions will follow later, but no promises.

#6 22-05-2012 
Just thorwing out ideas. I'd be happy with any version at all Smile

#7 22-05-2012 
well, it does look handy to have such a mod. Of course, I often use the leftovers thing to fulfil sims wants. Like have you ever noticed that sims always get a want to eat breakfast food when it is lunch time. Of course, since Season's brought in leftovers now I just send em over to the fridge and get that plate of dodgy pancakes/cereal out and make em eat that.
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#8 23-05-2012 
I've noticed that sims always want to eat the kind of food they've just learned to prepare, especially if they learned that as result of a want, too!

Like: a sim eats hamburgers for the first time, so they want to learn to make hamburgers. As soon as you let them do that, and they're successful, the want is fulfilled, and now they want to EAT hamburgers. AGAIN! Never mind that they've just eaten, because that's what triggered the whole sequence anyway... just be EAxian about it, and let them overeat, like they overdo everything else!


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