Daring trampoline testers wanted!
#1 24-05-2012 
[Image: bouncing.jpg]

So. I've tested this in all kinds of game settings and I've tweaked BHAVs and polished BCONs till my head was spinning. It's time to get a fresh perspective!

Short story short, I'm looking for some brave souls, and equally brave Sims, who who want to test my (TS2) trampoline in game. Big Grin It doesn't matter which EPs you have - the trampoline should be base-game compatible. As I said, I have tested it quite extensively myself (and almost no Sims were harmed in the process; I did make Randy Random burst into flames once, but I've fixed that, I promise Tongue), but I'm only one person and I know I can fixate on things, so there might be something somewhere that I've overlooked completely.

Trampoline Features:
  • Sims gain body skill (and fitness enthusiasm if FT is installed) by bouncing on the trampoline, and have fun while doing it.
  • Any Sim with two or ore body skill points can teach other Sims to bounce.
  • Sims can also watch when another Sim is bouncing; they won't gain any enthusiasm ('cause that seems like cheating to me), but they will have fun and be social. Note that this feature only is available if someone is actually using the trampoline. Rolleyes
  • The trampoline is available on community lots - which of course is of no use whatsoever, other than for the fun factor, unless you have Pescado's Community Lot Skilling hack so you can gain skills on community lots.
  • Sims who are pregnant and showing can't use the trampoline.

What I Want to Know:
  • Does it work as advertised? Are you getting any errors? (It would be great if you could test this with testing cheats turned on - that way, the game will provide you with a nice little error report if something isn't working as it should.)
  • Do the motive increase/decrease seem reasonable?
  • Sims should be able to use (and watch) it autonomously - are they? And in that case, are they using it *too* much, to the point where it gets annoying?
  • Children can teach. Should they? I thought that, if the child of the family is a bouncing fiend, but the adults are not (i.e. the kid has more body points), it makes sense that the child would be the one who knows more about bouncing and thus, they should be able to teach. But maybe that's silly?

Known Issues:
  • When a child or teenage Sim sits down after they've finished bouncing, their legs will sink into the mesh (this is especially noticeable with children). Just so you know I'm aware of this.

Since this object is almost finished, but not quite, I'm a bit wary of posting it in an open forum, but if you want to test it I'll be happy to PM you a link to where you can get it from my dropbox.

Testers will be rewarded with good karma, fit Sims, and of course my eternal gratitude. Heart

P.S. There will be more recols, and I haven't quite finished tweaking the teal one, but for now you'll have to make do with just one.

#2 24-05-2012 
I'll test it for you, how do I download it?

#3 25-05-2012 
Taking a break from recolouring, this is the idea way to stop me cutting my break short. It would be a pleasure testing this for you Nix.

#4 27-05-2012 
I'm the worst play tester but I'm willing if you can use another.

#5 29-05-2012 
I'll try it out.

#6 29-05-2012 
Bring it on, Nix. Wanna see this thing go!

#7 29-05-2012 
I think she's holding out for more cookies. Yes, that means I've been foaming at the mouth wanting to test this out.

#8 29-05-2012 
I think Nix is terrified to let it loose on you lot. Not sure I blame her Tongue
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#9 29-05-2012 
You know, I've got things in my folder that I tested or helped fix.. and the final version was never released? I'm still waiting for this really cool TS3>TS2 window to be released..kind of doubting it'll ever happen. (But at least I have one really cool window.)

That said- there's no way I'm saying this would ever happen with anything Nix makes. Just a general "you can get some cool stuff" statement.

#10 01-06-2012 
Thanks for the response, everbody! Big Grin And I'm really sorry about the delay, but I haven't been online much the last few days. My body likes to be uncooperative at unpredictable times (preferably when it's the most inconvenient), so I'm afraid I've had to limit my computer time lately.

Anyway, you should now all have got PMs with the link - except for MLC who's antisocial and has disabled private messaging. Tongue I'm looking forward to hearing your reports, albeit with some trepidation. Wink

Something I've noted myself is that occasionally, is that the bouncing Sim's fun increase and slightly accelerated hygiene decrease will stop after a while and return to the normal motive decrease you see when the Sim isn't doing much of anything - which doesn't make any sense, since he/she will still be gaining fitness, body skill and enthusiasm and they're all in the same loop. I have no idea why this happens, so if anybody has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh, and in case anybody feels like picking apart my BHAVs *cough*BO*coughcough*, be prepared that the "Interaction - Play With" one is a monster quite big - 42 lines. I blame it one the original sofa Play With BHAV being pretty monstrous to begin with, and while I've cleaned out things that were obviously sofa-related, I've also added plenty of stuff. Don't say I didn't warn you. Tongue

Edit: I forgot to say, the trampoline can be found in Hobbies -> Exercise for 95 Simoleons. I'm not sure whether or not that's a reasonable price, though.


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