What is this mysterious folder and what do its files do?
#1 28-05-2012 
I reinstalled the game onto a different (less prone to die or explode in the near future) PC before finding instructions on how to do fancy registry tricks to avoid the re-installation nightmare. Anyhow, in transferring Program Files/EA GAMES and My Documents/EA Games, I came across a folder that puzzled me. For now, I'm leaving it in there, but I can't think what it is. It doesn't seem to be part of Radiance Lighting, Scriptorium, or CEP. The one file appears to modify some kind of light in celebration stuff. Thanks very much to anyone that happens to know what it is and can give me a link to the download and description so that I can determine what to do with it. I guess for now it will stay there.

[Image: 7288040062_21825aed43_b.jpg]

Thanks for the subject edit, Lee.

#2 30-05-2012 
I haven't seen that one before. It looks like it's specific for downtown lots as well. what does the innards of the txt files look like?

#3 30-05-2012 
It looks like the lights settings for the Stuff Pack 4 Lights (that is the NLO) and I am not sure on the other two.
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#4 30-05-2012 
Well, thank you for trying. I am most curious about the folder structure andhow anything would be read from there. I am convinced that an installer put it there. The only things I could come up with that had installers were those I listed above. I will post the text files when I am home next.

#5 04-06-2012 
OK - let me tell you what they are. They're a lighting override for one of the packs.

The bits and pieces that you have in the original file name is the underlying DOS name. Lee is right, they are the lighting folder from the SP4, not just the NLO but also the other two text files - while I was installing Sims2 again - I discovered that file set.

So either it's a copy or it's an override.

I'm thinking that what it probably is, is a lighting object that required changes to the base settings - maybe something similiar to Numenor's lighted staircase or bookcase.

Alternatively it could have just come with it by accident.

#6 26-06-2012 
Thanks, I am sure I installed it at some point, I just was unsure what exactly it is and if it is complete.


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