Only read autonomously to toddlers with low fun or social?
#1 02-06-2012 
Inspired by your new Curb All Auto Read-To mod, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a mod where teens/adults can still read to children and toddlers autonomously, but only when the child/toddler's fun or social bars are turning orange? (The same would go for asking to be read to: Children and toddlers only do it autonomously if their fun or social are low.) 'Cause that's how I think Maxis should have done it in the first place - but of course they didn't.

Oh, and while I'm at it, it would be great if toddlers could be directed to ask to be read to with this, too, just as in your Curb mod. Smile

Does this sound like something you would and could consider making, if and when you have the time and inclination? *looks hopeful*

#2 02-06-2012 
Sounds like a rather sensible alternative to the somewhat black-or-white approach I followed in the Curb mod, Nix. And to be honest, I was already thinking about something like this, and it shouldn't be hard at all.

#3 02-06-2012 
Yay! This makes me a happy Nix. Celebrate


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