An OFB Door
#1 06-06-2012 
Does anyone know if there has been a recolor (probably not though..) or an add on for the Abiding Elegance door WITHOUT the glass?

I looked and couldn't find one. Since I'm nuts..I quit the game to make one. So I now have a new (mesh, not recolor) door without the glass. Since the glass in the door would've needed a texture, and I mapped the panel to the door texture, I didn't just recolor the existing door. But before I worry about sharing it anywhere- does one already exist somewhere? Was it stupid to make a whole new door?

Another question: What flippin door is that door slaved to? I may as well make a new door for that one, too. Smile All those doors confuse me.

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#2 06-06-2012 
Michelle did some. Check MTS.
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#3 06-06-2012 
Been there. No solid recolors. (Course you already know that, don't you?..LOL)

#4 06-06-2012 
Fruitless searching is good for the soul.

* leefish sniggers
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#5 06-06-2012 
That's why I be fruity.


It made sense while I was typing it...

#6 07-06-2012 
leefish;13995 Wrote:Michelle did some. Check MTS.
Michelle didn't recolour with wood, just the glass, but would have been willing to give it a go. No need now MLC did it!
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#7 07-06-2012 
I did indeed do it. Smile

It'll be a bit before I share though. I want to do the other door(?) like that. But that'll be after I finish what I'm working on.

That isn't a recolor though- so if you want to try recoloring...go ahead! Not everyone wants a new mesh when they can have a recolor of an existing mesh.


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