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As requested by RawMilk, a trimmer version of the Mission Barstool. The barstool cushion is slaved to the dining room chairs, the wood is slaved to the original barstool.

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#9 19-06-2012
If I wanted to convert this to a default replacement like you offered for the other pieces, what parts would I need to use? Would I need a SHPE as well as the GMDC because it references the chair textures for the cushion rather than the original barstool cushion? I also saw that there is a groundshadow in there. does it differ from the original?

#10 19-06-2012
RawMilk - good point. I will fix up a GMDC replacement for you - but that one will of course be mapped to the original leather. Is that ok?

#11 19-06-2012
If you can explain what differs besides the GMDC I can probably make the file. I do prefer your mapping to the chair cushion textures. As I recall, the colors of the original barstools may have been a bit off, plus, this one lets us use Michelle's recolors. I was just wondering what resource handles the mapping of materials. I would think a replacement version could be identical to this one and if not just contain a GMDC, just a few other resources.

#12 20-06-2012
Well, you will need to clone the GMND, the SHPE and the GMDC to make it a default replacement.

What you do is, is you open up the original object in SIMPE no renumbering or anything - just a clone with only default colours ticked - and then you need to extract the SHPE, GMDC and GMND. Put those in a new package.

Then rename the leather subset to cushion, and link the SHPE line for cushions to the chair. Do the same in the GMND - you need to rename the leather to cushion in the tsDesignModeEnabled and instead of linking to the leather texture you can replace that leather GMND with a tsMaterialsMeshName to the cushion.

Handy link (it may help) http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=3691


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