is so cool! My niece was photographed by Vogue!!
#1 07-06-2012 
Vogue Jubilee Street Wear Page thingy

My niece is number 9. Emma Skalicky, Student. Smile I think she's a beautiful girl (of course, I'm not Biassed. At all. Really).

I now have to skin this. Just so I have some street wear in my game! Big Grin
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#2 07-06-2012 
Yes, very pretty and definitely supporting the Jubilee, love the tights/leggings too. Smile
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#3 07-06-2012 
That is super-cool. She can tell her kids she was in Vogue Big Grin (when she has some)
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#4 08-06-2012 
Vogue, now how cool is that and because of her own style choices, not somebody elses

#5 08-06-2012 
Emma has a very distinctive style Smile And I agree Sookielee that's part of what makes me so excited about it. It's all Em. Big Grin


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