Interior Decorating
#1 10-06-2012 
So. My idea for the lot I'm working on is that my sim moved in and is renovating- one room at a time. Smile There are things I couldn't find so I've been working on making them. Right now I've got wallpaper swatches to hang on the wall (how else can you compare how they'll look?), a wallpaper swatch book, the rolls of wallpaper (and recolors) that have been posted at my blog, blueprints to sit on a drafting table I've got and a smaller version of the ladder shelf for the heck of it.


My imagination has deserted me. Besides these things and some painting supply meshes I have- what else is there that I could add to this set? And is there anything I should change about the things that are done? (I need to add shadows to the wallpaper swatches and desk paper..) Since there are construction meshes I'm not thinking of anything like that.

* mustluvcatz mourns the loss of her imagination

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#2 10-06-2012 
pots of paint, brushes, pasting table, pasting brush, tape measure, scraper, wallpaper steamer step ladder dust sheets, masking tape

This lot any good?
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#3 10-06-2012 
Absolutely. Smile Thanks. (Amazing that I didn't think of tape seeing that the swatches are TAPED to the wall, lol.)

Paint, paint brushes and a step ladder already exist. The rest? I don't think they do. Wallpaper steamer? If that looks anything like a vacuum I could probably edit an existing mesh. *runs off to, actually*

Edit: Yep, found one steamer that looks like a vacuum! So that might work.

#4 10-06-2012 
Wasn't quite sure what you wanted but I just brainstormed myself! Smile
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#5 10-06-2012 
I found a pasting table, brush and and wallpaper rolled out..oh, and a bucket of paste too, at Blacky's Sims Zoo. But I do believe I'm going to do my own version since I have an idea.. I'm full of them. Ideas, that is.

edited cuz I forgot to say my ideas mourn the loss of my imagination too.

#6 11-06-2012 
Drip cloth, to keep paste from dripping on the carpet. That's all I can think of right now.
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#7 11-06-2012 
cloth covers to protect the furniture. with the paint - sample pots. Hammer, nails, screwdriver. Allan keys, flat pack furniture boxes, plastic to protect the floor, floor polisher for floor boards.

Wallpaper wise - walls with wallpaper half removed, furniture with paint half removed, walls with paint swatches, walls half painted/papered.

Floors - polished, partly polished, unpolished floor boards, carpet underlay, carpet half laid, floors spattered with paint, or wallpaper paste.

Cat Destruction... painted paw prints along the floor

#8 11-06-2012 
Awesome ideas, Kiri. Thanks! Always pays to ask for help/ideas. Smile

I've been toying with the drop/drip cloth idea, just have to figure out the best way to do it. There were some Fast Lane meshes converted recently- among them is a hammer and some other goodies. (Need to look and see if it's all 1 mesh or not.) I've added paint sample jars, which are recolors of another jar and they worked out rather well, AND some magazine recolors. So simmies can have interior decorating magazines cluttering up their homes. I'm working something out for peeling wallpaper (will be an overlay) and the paw print idea. Smile

#9 11-06-2012 
I have vague memories of someone doing furniture meshes for the Movie - 'The Other' which was basically a whole lot of draped furniture.

I *think* it was Blacky's Sim Zoo? But we're talking about 5-8 years ago.

Oh - and I found these - Rubber Gloves as deco
and a bucket with rubber gloves draped on it -
old fashioned vacuum -
planks of wood -, on and off trestles.
wallpaper stuff -
spanners and screwdrivers -
Tool Set -
Paint Set -

So yeah - there's a stack of stuff at Blacky's Big Grin

#10 11-06-2012 
Thanks Kiri. Smile I do have some of that stuff...found it yesterday. (Gawd I hate looking for things there!)
I'm toying with the idea of remaking some of that stuff, dunno yet.

What would be the best way to do a dropcloth? Feenwald has a slightly wrinkled rug slaved to Jonesi's BB.. I wouldn't want to do a recolor of the blanket but maybe I could do a rug recolor? But who's rug- I use Nengi and Echo's rugs the most.

I snagged some awesome plywood textures today to play around with walls in different states. And the paw prints I've done? C-U-T-E! So extra thanks for that idea. Smile


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