Hiya fishies :)
#1 15-06-2012 
I've registered at this awesome site quite some time ago, but never posted anything. So I figured I should finally introduce myself. I'm Misty, known as MistyBlue at MTS. I make mostly sci-fi related TS2 sims, and along the way I've learned to make some other stuffz as well. But I like faces the most. Especially the slightly odd ones! Big Grin

This place looks gorgeous and seems like a lot of fun, so I think I shall stick around Big Grin

* Misty is a fishie now
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#2 15-06-2012 
Well it's about time.

Velcome! vamp

#3 15-06-2012 
Welcome in our school, Misty. Cool to have you with us! Big Grin

#4 15-06-2012 
yay for new fishes Big Grin

Glad you found us - come join the coffin crew.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#5 15-06-2012 
Geez lee. The coffin crew. NOW who's scaring off the newbs!

#6 15-06-2012 
Yay for new fishies who actually make posts! Big Grin

#7 15-06-2012 
Posting fishies!!!
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#8 15-06-2012 
Hello Misty, I'm not so mad as the others Big Grin Welcome
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#9 15-06-2012 
Hi Misty! I'm Ginnie, and I do the updates for Saving the Sims. The coffin bit is - ah, um, - interesting!
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#10 16-06-2012 
wave G'Day Misty, welcome to Leefish and don't believe anyone around here who tells you they're not crazy...everyone is crazy here, that's why it's such a great site.


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