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I don't usually download hairs. This one I had to. It is lovely. Since Zero didn't post any extra pics of it, I've included one of my sim wearing one of the colors. You really need to see it in game.
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Recolor, edit, include meshes with recolors and/or lots.
Just don't claim my work as your own and keep it FREE!
No paysites please!

[Transit of Venus] Screenshot [Transit of Venus] Screenshot    
Download link
#2 17-06-2012
That looks great. Thanks for the link, MLC!

#3 17-06-2012
You're welcome.
Since you're interested in Trapping's..I'll post the link when I can find it. Having a bit of trouble there, lol. (Just saw it too!)

#4 17-06-2012
zerographic!! Indeed, makes lovely things.

Thanks for the find Big Grin


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