Hi and help please!
#1 26-07-2012 
Hi to everyone! I just joined though I've been a constant fan and player of The Sims games since The Sims 1 first came out way back in the late 90's!

This looks like a great place!

I was wondering if there is anywhere on this site I can get some help with operating the latest version of SimPe? I used to be a fairly fluent user of SimPe but since downloading the latest version I only get a blank program and none of the file information shows up as it used to in Plug-in view.

Where should I post my queries about this for some help? I tried to ask Boiling Oil in one of his mod posts but it kept telling me I "tripped the spam filter" and used too many sigs and links even though there wasn't a single sig, smilie or link in my post! So I couldn't even post my question! Dodgy

#2 26-07-2012 
hi hi

Best way to ask BO is to post in his garage forum - for which you need to be a member.

You might want to post in the sims2 help forum - under sims discussion. http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/forumdisplay.php?fid=74

Sorry about the filters, but that is just a sad fact of life on the Internet today.
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Velcome. vamp

Your SimPE problem sounds like one that used to drive me batty. Turns out all I had to do was reset the layout to the default SimPE layout in the Preferences. Good luck with fixing yours!

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Hi Valentinegirl,

Welcome to Leefish.

Contrary to Lee's suggestion, I'd like to state that The Garage would not be the best place to ask for help. It's meant to be a place to request new mods. The Sims Discussion forum that Lee linked to, would be a great place, though!

Oh, and please, may I make another suggestion? Lose the space in my name! I'm BoilingOil, and NOT 'Boiling Oil'. Thank you very much in advance Tongue

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G'Day Valentinegirl, welcome to Leefish.

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Welcome valentinegirl Smile

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Welcome to Leefish, hope you'll have a lot of fun here Smile It's a great place to hang out Big Grin
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Welcome to Leefish, valentinegirl! I hope (and think) you'll like it here. Smile

If you haven't fixed it already, I agree with Fansee that it sounds like your SimPE problem could be fixed by resetting the layout. It's happened to me, too - drove me nuts before I figured out how to fix it. Dodgy Hope you can get it to work for you!


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