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This is an idea that came to me years ago, but I was only able to make a Sims 3 version with my knowledge, until now. This is an MPS or multi-purpose surface. Now your sims can eat, work, and decorate on the same object! It functions as an end table, a dining table, and a one tile desk. It's found in all 3 categories of buy mode as well! Also, sims can do homework on it. It's based off of the Apartment Life Bohemian end table, and is repository linked to that table, so Apartment Life is required. Poly count is 652. Enjoy!

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x 13

Feel free to use them however you want, please don't steal them. That is all.

The Amazing MPS! Screenshot The Amazing MPS! Screenshot The Amazing MPS! Screenshot        
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#2 09-08-2012
Oh wow! That's an amazing feat of engineering, Jon. This is a very welcome addition to the arsenal for the small-housed sim, who don't have room for three separate pieces of furniture. One will now do for them!

I'm sure gonna give this a whirl, once I get back to playing again. Thank you so much for sharing!

#3 09-08-2012
This looks AMAZING! And so useful. Thank you for sharing Smile

#4 12-08-2012
I would click a "like" button if I could, but because this isn't facebook (and it never should be lol) I will use this emoticon to show my approval of this download. Celebrate


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