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#1 13-08-2012 
Hey everyone! Some of you may know me from ModTheSims, but for those who don't here's a bit about me:

I'm Sheldrake, a 16 year old "gamer" from Canada. In September I'll be going into grade twelve, which is the final year of high school for me. In my spare time I enjoy reading, gaming, skiing, programming, sailing, graphics design, and photography.

My adventure with The Sims started around mid-2007 when I purchased The Sims 2 Deluxe. Since then I have purchased every expansion/stuff pack for the game, as well as a copy of The Sims 3. Sadly I don't have any addons for The Sims 3, but it works out because I prefer The Sims 2 anyway.

In a couple weeks I turn 17, and will be one year closer to moving out into the world. Sounds rather scary to me!

#2 13-08-2012 
Hello Sheldrake

Welcome, good to see you here Smile
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#3 14-08-2012 
Hey Sheldrake

Welcome. Lovely to meet you. Smile

#4 14-08-2012 
Hi Sheldrake, good to meet you. I had a quick look at your MTS profile - some nice houses there.

Do you play pool at all?

* leefish waggles eyebrow at fansee
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#5 14-08-2012 
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Glad to be here. Smile

leefish: Thanks for checking out my houses! I've recently considered removing them from MTS, recreating them with the base game (or limited expansions) and reuploading. And no, I don't play pool. Sadly I lack hand-eye coordination and depth-perception...The life of a klutz :O

#6 14-08-2012 
Aww, you should not remove the houses - they are really good, especially as you were only 14 at the time. You should upload a "redux" version if you are thinking of less EPS.
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#7 14-08-2012 
Welcome Sheldrake! Smile

#8 14-08-2012 
[Image: welcome.gif]

I agree with Leefish - do a redux. If nothing else it gives people a choice Smile

#9 14-08-2012 
Hi, Sheldrake. I'm Ginnie, and I post the Sims updates for Saving the Sims. Let me know when you upload something new and I'll list it!
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#10 14-08-2012 
I'm loving this community! Big Grin

Thanks for the kind words, leefish. I'm sure my "talents" have developed a bit more since I was a confused 14 year old, so perhaps I'll give a "redux" a try.

Ginnie: I'd like that very much! Expect a message from me soon.


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