Hello there
#1 10-09-2012 
Hello wave,

I don't tend to register for sites nowadays but since there seem to be alot of "Sims 2'ers" here and a few names I recognise whom I am rather fond of it is about time. I'm a Brit living in France and addicted to certain TV shows and simming. I go by BB or buggy and like cosy atmospheres and this seems like a nice place.

#2 10-09-2012 
Hello Buggy, welcome to Leefish Smile This is indeed a nice place to be. And I love your creations.
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#3 10-09-2012 
Hmmm.. Buggybooz. BB. Buggy. Hmmmm. Yeah, I think I might have a few of your meshes in my download folder. Big Grin Ok, ok. More than a few- just about everything you've ever made.

Lee did a good job with this site and it is a nice, cozy little place. Welcome to Leefish! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

#4 10-09-2012 
Thankyou both and yes, I will happily pull up a chair. mmmm mustluvcatz....that rings a bellSmile I seem to have your stuff in my game too.

#5 10-09-2012 
Welcome to Leefish buggybooz! Smile

#6 10-09-2012 
Hi buggy and welcome to leefish. Yes, there are a quite a few TS2ers hanging around here.
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#7 10-09-2012 
And most of us are crazy!! Big Grin But it's the good sort of crazy. Smile

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#8 10-09-2012 
Welcome, buggy! I am a big fan of your work. Big Grin

#9 10-09-2012 
Buggy, I look forward to your updates! Always try to snag them for the updates list I do. Hmmm, nice chair. Lee has outfitted this place quite nicely.
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#10 10-09-2012 
Yeah, I think you'll like it here, Nat. Leefish is small but fun.


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