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#1 21-09-2012 
[Image: 6qeic3.png]
Business during the day...
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party at night.

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#2 21-09-2012 
Lol - is that a fruity simmer and a fang-banger I see there?

* leefish is proud to know term fang-banger
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#3 21-09-2012 

* fanseelamb brings the booze chocolate sauce

#4 21-09-2012!!! LMAO
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#5 21-09-2012 
lol I lost my mind, kiri. I just wanted to test and see how the sign would recolor with pictures. The first pictures I found were these little icons from Sims 3 that I extracted because they reminded me of us here. I'm such a dork. Big Grin

#6 21-09-2012 
[Image: 24w4odc.jpg]

How cool is the vampire sign, it's much nicer than I thought it was going to be! But do you think it's positioned correctly -- does anyone know?

And since I've turned this into a feedback thread... the EA wall signs in game only show a shadow on the wall from the neighborhood view. I know I want the free standing signs to be visible but should these be visible as well?

#7 21-09-2012 
That's a vampire sign? I don't see any vampires on it....

#8 21-09-2012 
It's a vampire bar sign. I know this because that's what the description says, fansee. That and the red fangs! Anyway, I Heart this sign.

But should it be centered on the wall or something?

#9 21-09-2012 
Hmm. It does look a bit low but placement also depends on how it's going to be used. Like if you're going to put it on a roof or a second story wall above the front door of a club, then low is good. Judging by the size and shape of the sign those are the sort of places I'd expect to use it. Is it shiftable? Since shiftable wall hangings have screwed up lighting when you shift them down, I would probably keep the mesh low like it is now, and just shift it up in game if I wanted it higher on a wall.

#10 21-09-2012 
Oh, duh. The placement is perfect for a second floor over a door. Thanks--leaving it as is.


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