Nanny = Manager
#1 07-11-2012 
Alright I should know better than to ask because I know either;
  • You are busy.
  • The mod already exists.
  • It can't be done.

Never the less I'm going to take a chance and ask anyways.

So today I fired up the game and entered a family with 1 child 2 adults 1 toddler and a cat. The nanny came over and she would only feed and put the toddler in the crib. If the toddler had to use the potty (not trained yet) the nanny would wait until the toddler wet herself then would change her diaper, feed her over and over again and then put her in her crib and leave her there for hours when she could be doing something else.

My idea is that what if nannies were more like managers from OFB. Managers are user-controlled employees that appear on the Sim selection panel while they are on the lot but as soon as they leave they are removed. Guess I'm asking for a kind of temporary control over the nannies.

Thanks. wave
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#2 07-11-2012 
Wouldn't better coding of the Nanny's routine be a better solution? I'm sure it exists in various forms. MATY has macrotastics and lobonanny.

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#3 07-11-2012 
  • I'm always busy, even if I'm not working on mods.
  • A mod like this doesn't exist as far as *I* know.
  • Something like this is quite possible, but there are restrictions.

The problem is: we're dealing with service sims here. Making a service sim playable - even partially, and even for a short time - breaks their service routine, so they stop doing their normal work. The only way to reset them, is to send them home and wait for them to come back next day.

OFB employees are not service sims; they're playables of families that are currently not under your control. Hiring them as employees makes them work for you. If you are right, making them managers allows you to control them to some extent (I've never promoted anyone to manager, so I didn't know this).

I can have a look at it, but I don't think it can be done.

#4 07-11-2012 
Thank you BO, all I ask is you take a look. I'm seriously going to have to burn all the nannies dead.

In regards to the managers from OFB, they are great to have.

#5 07-11-2012 
I've never needed managers, because my sims' owned businesses are never too big for the family to run it without help. But I'll certainly keep the managers in mind for the future Smile

#6 07-11-2012 
My original reason for getting managers was so that I could "check in with business" instead of always going in. I think you can't do that if you don't have a manager.

#7 07-11-2012 
That's true. Withou a manager, the business simply doesn't make any money unless you go there. So without that person, there's also no reason for checking in, and the game therefor disables it.

#8 09-11-2012 
Which totally makes sense.

#9 10-11-2012 
Back to the OP - BO, if you've ever looked at the Nanny package code before do you remember if they can even take toddlers to the potty chairs? Maybe that is the problem, because they seem to be able to feed and change their diapers, but I can't remember seeing them take toddlers to the potty chairs. Just a thought.

#10 10-11-2012 
To be honest, I don't remember if such code is in there. However, if there is no such code on the nanny, that doesn't mean anything.

As far as I know, the code for taking kids to the potty is on the potty itself. But that code is only available if the tyke is potty-trained. And potty-training depends on an eligibility check, which only is true if the tyke likes the hag well enough.

And if the rugrat IS potty-trained, then it will use the potty without help.

So essentially, the chance of nannies taking kids to potty is near zero, because the hag never attempts to become friends with the little poo-factory. To her, it's just work.


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