Just saying hello
#1 07-11-2012 
I'm rather shy, but seeing this seems a friendly sort of forum I thought I might introduce myself. My name is Eve, I come from Norway and still love the sims 2 game. Roaming around the internet looking for mods and stuff, I ran into this lovely site and stopped here for a while. All I need now is a mug of tea and everything's sweet! So that's enough of me for now.Blush

#2 07-11-2012 
Hello Eve, welcome to Leefish. I love it here too Smile

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#3 07-11-2012 
hi, welcome to Leefish. Scandinavian Simmers welcome here. Now we just need a Icelandic Simmer and we have the full set Big Grin
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#4 07-11-2012 
Hi Eve,

Welcome to Leefish. It,'s good to have you here Big Grin


#5 07-11-2012 
Welcome! Smile

#6 08-11-2012 
Hi, Eve. Glad to have you aboard.

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#7 08-11-2012 
Welcome to Leefish!

#8 10-11-2012 
Hei, Eve! Welcome to Leefish. Smile You and I are neighbours - I'm from Sweden. And I love drinking tea, too. Celebrate

#9 10-11-2012 
Welcome to the fold! Big Grin
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#10 10-11-2012 
Hi Eve! Welcome to Leefish, it's always nice to see another shy simmer. Big Grin


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