True Blood - Simple Swedish 3
#1 12-11-2012 

I have loved simple swedish - they're hilarious! Fansee - I thought you might like this True Blood Special!
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#2 12-11-2012 

That's all. Big Grin

#3 12-11-2012 
ROTFL!! And I'm pretty sure the guy is from Stockholm, we have a fairly distinctive accent here (that the rest of the country hates with a fiery passion strongly dislikes. Or maybe it's just Stockholmers they don't like Tongue).
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#4 12-11-2012 
OMG. That was amazingly fantastic! Rofl

Nix, I think the Stockholm accent is the nicest sounding Swedish accent there is. And I'm not just saying that because it's the one Alexander Skarsgård has and I can't tell them apart anyway. Except yes I am. wave

Actually, the rest of Canada dislikes us Torontonians too! I didn't realize it's the same in Sweden. What a strange phenomenon!

#5 12-11-2012 
Fansee, I'd be a little concerned if you could tell Swedish accents apart. Wink For what it's worth, I can't tell Canadian accents apart, even though I can tell the difference between Canadians and General Americans. I love Canadian accents. Smile

And I love my Stockholm accent, too, I've never understood why other Swedes think it's so horrible. I do understand why they don't like Stockholmers, though - we can be quite patronising and condescending towards the rest of the country, since we think we are the only real city people in Sweden and everybody else are just bondläppar (that's the plural of bondläpp - and you know what that means now, right?). Because, you know, they are. Wink
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#6 12-11-2012 
ROFL. You Stockholmers sound like a terrible bunch! Big Grin

I guess us Torontonians are equally terrible - other Canadians will tell you we're unfriendly and command too much attention compared with the rest of the country. They have plenty of other gripes too, but as a Torontonian I'm just too self-centred and ignorant about the rest of the country to care what those gripes are. Tongue

#7 12-11-2012 
Oh no, we're not terrible at all. We just know that we're better than everybody else. Wink

Sounds like Stockholmers and Torontonians are peas in a pod - or would be, if we were actually the big city people we think we are. Tongue (Sweden has about 9.5 million inhabitants, so you can probably figure out how "big" Stockholm is in an international perspective.) We're infamous for calling anything north of Uppsala "the North" and thinking that everything from dialects to climate is exactly the same everywhere. But who cares, they're all hillbillies up there anyway. Wink
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#8 12-11-2012 
Oi, that's a lot of space for a handful of people. The Netherlands has at least 17 mln inhabitants, even though it's a lot smaller, area-wise.

#9 12-11-2012 
Yeah, Sweden's population density is about 20 people per square km. Crowded, we're not. Tongue
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#10 13-11-2012 
Over 400 per square km here... Yeah, that a big difference. Another reason why I would love to be Swedish.


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