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I had wanted to do some good afros for a long time, and now I'm in sort of a retro mood waiting on the new Sims 3 SP to come out.

[Image: thumb640x480]

I already made the young adult/adult/elder version it's Here. Poly count is 120. The hair is binned, not animated (didn't really feel a need to animate a stiff afro). Enjoy!
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Feel free to use them however you want, please don't steal them. That is all.

Afro Hair Mesh for Teens and Recolors Screenshot          
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#2 17-01-2013
Ooh takes me back to my schooldays in the 70s Smile

#3 18-01-2013
For some reason I started humming the theme song for The Mod Squad, now it's stuck in my head, don't know why. Wink

#4 01-08-2019
Afros aren't stiff. They're really soft. The hair stands up because it's all little individual curls that push against each other.


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