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#21 13-03-2013 
And here I was just about to tell you that in my Uni AnyGame, I could rotate the sink if it was placed on the ground/floor, but not if it was placed on a surface; then it faced the same direction the surface was facing and wouldn't budge. Guess you don't need that info, then, if you've already figured out how to fix it. Smile
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#22 13-03-2013 
Yep. All fixed! And now that I know it worked for a couple of non-K&B games I can share it everywhere, lol.


#23 13-03-2013 
let us know when and where you upload, I'd like to snag that working version myself.

#24 14-03-2013 
The post on my blog has been updated and it's in the queue @ MTS right now.

#25 14-03-2013 
Sorry about the double post! Karen mentioned a small sink, which got me thinking. So I shrank/shrunk? this sink and ended up with an adorable little sink. The water (not the water that comes from the faucet) was driving me crazy. Then I remembered: Morphs! I had extracted the soapywater once and looked at it, then promptly forgot all about it.

I need to work on the shape of the water a bit more but once that's taken care of, Karen shall have her tiny sink that works just like the bigger one. Smile

One question- slaving this to the big one can be done, multistate objects don't scare me, lol. But should I slave it? Another question- should the faucet and all those bits be different? (I like them the way they are but I'm always open to suggestions.)

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#26 14-03-2013 
Yay, thanks, MLC. Never seen a small cloakroom sink.

Off to redownload the other sink now Smile
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#27 14-03-2013 
Awww, what a cute little sink! I like the taps (faucets to you US folks) and the rest the way they are, too. Smile

(Oh, out of curiosity, what flag was it that needed clearing? Not that I'm a sink-maker, I just like to know stuff. Smile )
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#28 14-03-2013 
[prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x002A (placement flags) Clear Flag flag# Literal 0x0004 (forced to slot orientation))

That lets it rotate on a surface but it still sits in whatever slot/slots are on the surface. Which can be gotten around by using an OMSP and cheats.

I was using the wrong soapywater mesh (I'm me! What did you expect!). Now that I've got the right one in there and it's the right size and shape, all that's left is getting it the right height. Yay! Sinks are kind of fun.

Repository this to the big one or not? That's the last thing I need to know. Smile

#29 14-03-2013 
* NixNivis tucks info away in case I need it for something some day Smile

As to slaving... hmm... I'm big a fan of slaving (objects! Nothing else!), but I'm on the fence here. And when I'm on the fence with my own stuff, I always make two variations, one that's slaved and one that isn't. Wink (Then again, that does require downloaders to be able to read and understand written instructions, at least if you reuse the GUIDs... and we all know that downloaders can be rocket scientist systems analysts, and still not understand what "only download one of them" means. Tongue)
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#30 14-03-2013 
2 versions. You read my mind. Guess I can get off that fence now, lol. At least I didn't go crazy with the recolors of the big one and the textures are small enough that recoloring is fast.

* mustluvcatz knows all about tucking info away just in case *looks at her folder full of 'mightneedtoknow.txt's*


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