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#11 12-03-2013 
lol, if you're wanting to use it Karen.. wait until I post the final version. I redid some of the recolors, added more and did a small tweak or two to the mesh. It's being screenshot at the moment.

#12 12-03-2013 
oh yes, i'll wait, i'm not that impatient, not Smile
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#13 12-03-2013 
It's HERE - at the moment I've got a note in there that it might need K&B.

If it shows up for Jon, I'll change that. Smile *crosses fingers*

#14 12-03-2013 
Just been to look, MLC, lovely sink, will look great in really modern bathrooms, especially with the glass one Smile

Couldn't resist, I've downloaded it Smile
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#15 12-03-2013 
These are stunning!. Thankies. Smile
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#16 12-03-2013 
Thank you ladies. Big Grin

There's a rectangular sink in game that I'm particularly fond of so there may be another one soon.

#17 13-03-2013 
without K&B installed the sink works fine technically as in sims can use it, it shows up with both the mesh and textures and can be placed anywhere only problem is it won't rotate. This was with the version I downloaded in this thread, not the new version so I don't know if you made any changes or not. See the pic.

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#18 13-03-2013 
Thanks Jon!

That's strange that you can't rotate it though- I'm pretty sure I did that when I was testing, but maybe not.

* mustluvcatz loads game to check

#19 13-03-2013 
As always I'm a little late to the party, but even though I have K&B installed in my full game I have both a Uni-only and a NL-only AnyGame set up that I can test the sink in if you want. Smile

Which version should I download, the one here or the one on your blog?
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#20 13-03-2013 
Jon tested it and it worked for him- but more testing is always welcome. Either version should be good- but I'd probably go with the one on my blog since it's completely done*.

*except for testing to see if clearing a flag in the BHAV affected how the sink works

Okies, tested and the sink will work no matter which direction it's placed in. Thanks Jon for pointing that out to me and thanks HW for telling me which flag should be cleared so I could add that BHAV.

* mustluvcatz goes off to edit blog post with newly edited sink mesh


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