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Doubleposting again, I know.

Quote from PM:
Quote:This is very hard for me to ask, but your lovely mesh is just too high poly. From my count, it's in the area of the 1800s, which is over double our usual limit. Because of all the pretty curves and rounds in your mesh, I can see where they go. Try out the Direct X Mesh Tool and see if that is able to reduce the bowl by a few rounds and the faucet by a little. If you can get it between 1200 and 1400, I think that would be fine. Simplifying the handles will win you back some polys. I actually opened up your mesh to make sure I wasn't asking you to do anything impossible, and the Direct X tool was able to reduce the basin and faucet to 1100 without much noticeable difference. Done carefully, I'm sure you can get it that low or even lower. Btw, have I said it's super pretty? Suggestion: I was really excited to see the under cabinet lower pipes (attention to detail is awesome!), but was surprised not to see a drain from the bowl as well. I could see another 200 polys allotted for that if you wanted to add it in. Yes I realize it's confusing to tell you on one hand to lower the mesh and on the other to ask that you add to it, but its about detail and how you use those polys.

I'm.. I'm.. *sigh*. Yes, I know the polys are high but it's all MAXIS polys. Every single little bit of it, which is mentioned in the polycount and has made all the difference in the world before. I do like the bit about the drain pipe and can't believe I didn't think of that. *sigh*

edit: Whoops, I lied. Some of those polys are mine- I added the curved parts the handles attach to. Those have a few more polys due to the stacks I had to put in to curve them properly. And I tried lowering the polys. Yep, it works. Yep, it looks alright- until the texture is put on the sink. That's when you see the drain is lost. Lowering the polys removes that part and can't be fixed by mapping. I tried.

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This is MTS? This is one of the many reasons why I don't even bother to post anything there. In all deference MLC, I'm not entirely sure why you keep bothering to.

Because of Lee and Lunie and Fansee, and others who are mods over there - I'm not going to rant about why. I think you guys are lovely people, and my criticisms of MTS are not about you.

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Oh, for the love of... Angry So now we're not allowed to upload objects that has roughly the same poly count as corresponding Maxis objects. That's nice.

I checked a few Maxis sinks. "The Simple Washer from Kountry Pipes" (came with Seasons or FT or somesuch)? With the water level, it has 1745 polys. That's only 91 polys less than yours. So your poly count is not excessive by any means.
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This is why MTS doesn't have nice stuff...

I don't even know what to say that hasn't been said before. There isn't anything wrong with your your upload. There isn't any reasonable reason it wasn't approved and accepted as is. Why they're happy to upload beginners projects all day long but nitpick GOOD uploads they should be THANKFUL to be getting at all is beyond me.

I'm pretty sure I told you that you don't have to accept this over moderation? The only way I can stand to still upload there is because I have an accept or reject agreement with them. Which just means that I submit my stuff and if they can possibly see fit to upload it as is -- crappy and flawed though it may be -- great. If not, I just want it rejected without getting the BS like you received above.

I don't know if that's something you might want to consider asking for in Creator Issues for the future or not but for this upload just explain that the poly's aren't unreasonable, add a pipe if you want to (or not, it doesn't need it) and submit it again. It's a good upload they're not going to reject it -- just annoy the crap out of you before accepting it like they should have from the very beginning. Tongue

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Group hug? Thanks for the replies and support. Heart

When I got the CR I posted in Creator Issues and just got done changing my post in there. I don't mind sharing what I wrote there so here goes:

Quote:I got a CR for my sink that's in the queue asking me to reduce the polys since it's a bit over 1800. I try to be a good kid (kid, lol.. in a few years I'll be 50) and do what's suggested. For the most part that works and life goes on. This time that's not going to be the case.

The mod opened my mesh and successfully lowered the polys. I opened it, successfully lowered the polys. So far so good. Once I applied the texture there was an obvious loss of quality- for one thing the bottom of the sink changed enough that the drain didn't show anymore. Since the drain is part of the texture I tried remapping and gave up. While I'm willing to try to work with suggested changes, I already put a lot of work into that sink- most of that was SimPE based to get it to work like it does.

I checked a lot of the Maxis sinks. Most are between 1200 to 1400+ polys, and one of them is 1745. While I do realize that MTS has guidelines, I don't feel that my mesh is out of line since the Maxis sinks are in the same "neighborhood" polycount wise. And I also feel that the functionality of my sink - it can be placed just about anywhere and still work properly, can be used with cheats and omsps and still work properly, can be rotated in any direction on surfaces and still work properly, the animations are pretty much spot on except for counters (a bit too low) - makes up for those extra polys. I didn't just rip a Maxis mesh out of SimPE and remove a counter or pedestal. I put a lot of time and effort into getting something new that a lot of people would enjoy using.. and kept it basegame to boot.

So- no, I won't be changing this sink. And I'm rather upset over being asked to change it since it doesn't really need to be changed. It's pretty much perfect the way it is.

[edited because my first post sounded more like a little kid whining than anything else]

Let's see what happens. This sink isn't some garish lip gloss, it's something that adds to game play in a way Maxis didn't even do. Yeah, I'm still Angry about getting CR'ed for a few polys.

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* NixNivis hugs MLC

mustlovecatz Wrote:Yeah, I'm still Angry about getting CR'ed for a few polys.

I know exactly how you feel. Dodgy Here's to hoping the mods will come to their senses and approve your sink, because it's brilliant! (Me, I have my suspicious about which particular mod this is, but I could be wrong.)

And is it just me, but is the standard for objects way higher than it is for Bodyshop stuff? Yes, I know Bodyshop stuff is where most people start out (I did) and yes, I understand that you might expect more finesse from an experienced modder than you would from someone who's making their very first item, but I've seen Bodyshop stuff that's been bucket-filled (no, not the entire thing, but parts of it) that's been approved - but when it comes to objects, you get CR'd if it's 802 polys. (All right, so maybe that's an exaggeration - but not by much.) Slap

I mean, I get that MTS wants to encourage new creators and doesn't want to scare them off by setting impossible standards - but surely there must be a way to encourage new creators without simultaneously discouraging experienced ones and scaring them off by setting impossible standards?

Edit: And MLC emerges victorious! The sink is up at MTS! Big Grin
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