Hi Everyone!
#1 24-06-2013 
I just joined the site today!

My name is Kim. I'm from Minnesota, USA. I have made a few sims and lots that I have shared at Sim Oasis, SimTrek 2 Boldly Go, and Vulcan Sims. I love the Sims 2, mostly play the Sims 2, although I am about to dabble in the Sims 3.

I say play..but to be honest..I was into contest as a contestant and host for so long, then tried building, which i like but am so slow at..that there is alot of game play that even after 7 years or so, I still haven't experienced. I had alot of issues on my old laptop, but my son just recently built me a new gaming computer a few days ago..so..I am extremely geeked to say the least. I just installed my sims 2 onto it the day before yesterday, and am raring to go..starting over with everything...not even bringing my old sims over, making new ones.

I'll be spawning different games..I do this to keep my dls separated..not wanting them all in one game's dl folder.

So far..I have my uberhood by meetme2theriver put together, going to have another game with my own simmies, a medieval hood (which will have fantasy elements), and of course, my Trek hood. Still trying to figure out which game i will fit in Doctor Who. Big Grin
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#2 24-06-2013 
Welcome! It's lovely to have you here. I think you'll enjoy playing the game and seeing stuff you hadn't seen before. Hopefully you'll enjoy hanging out with us here as well. Smile

#3 24-06-2013 
Welcome! Here is some Free breadsticks!

#4 24-06-2013 
ty both so much for the welcome! *happily accepts the breadsticks*

Fansee, I am such a fan of your creations. Smile

#5 24-06-2013 
Hi Big Grin

We already met in chat and I must say you seem like a leefisher to the core. I hope you stay around and share some pics and just generally join in the chat here Big Grin

#6 24-06-2013 
Ty Lee, it means alot you saying that to me. I'm feeling just a tad awkward for two reasons..being new here, and also trying to get use to this new keyboard. Smile

#7 24-06-2013 
Hi Dominie, welcome, stay with us Big Grin

#8 24-06-2013 
Ty Noiredeb, and I plan on it. Big Grin

Edited: forgot a word. Smile

#9 25-06-2013 
Hello Dominie, welcome to Leefish Smile
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#10 25-06-2013 
Dr Who of course fits in all hoods! Smile

Welcome to Leefish!


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