Lemmings... some things make me very happy.
#1 27-07-2013 
Lemmings Online

I played this game when I was young. It has a sweetness, but yet puzzle, time management, strategy to it that makes me happy.

And now you youngsters, if you've never heard of it - go enjoy the joy that is Lemmings.
And you oldies like me - it put a grin on my face! I suspect it will on yours too!
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#2 27-07-2013 
I love lemmings Big Grin

I was so sad when I had to get rid of my old NES.

#3 28-07-2013 
I only ever played in on the PC. I still have a CD that works for XP. No chance of working for Win7. So finding this site was just huge. Smile

#4 10-10-2013 
I love lemmings, thanks for reminding me of this game Big Grin Need to get it ^^
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