Extracting Pets?
#1 31-07-2013 
Is it possible to extract pets in simpe? It looks to be the same as extracting sims and it made a package file in my saved sims folder. Is this safe to share? I know not to share sims that way, but pets can't be cloned in body shop.
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#2 31-07-2013 
I thought you made Pets in CAS? If the pet is in the hood is it not available in CAS to package?

#3 31-07-2013 
Why would it not be safe to share sims this way? Of course, the extracted package is not yet a playable sim to install into a new hood, but it is a fine template to build new sims off of. The extracted package could simply be unpacked in anyone's SavedSims folder, so they can use the template from CAS or BS to create their own copies of your sim, and change them to their liking. And the same would be true of pets, I suppose.

In fact, the method of extracting sims and pets this way was built into SimPE, with this kind of template-sharing in mind.

#4 31-07-2013 
Well, sims extracted this way have a lot of extra sim data, they're not just a simple face tempate. So it's advised that you clone the sim in bodyshop to create a simple face template and delete the extracted sim.

As for pets - I don't know. What I would do is register the breed via telephone in game, then go to CAS and package the pet from there.

#5 31-07-2013 
You're right, Fansee: They may have excess data, indeed. But that can easily be helped by simply going into CAS/BS and cloning a new sim from that template. Then you can delete the extracted figure and publish the clone in stead.

#6 31-07-2013 
It has been recommended to never share sims that are simply extracted. They should always be cloned and the extracted sim deleted. Extracted sims even though redone in cas can be buggy. I would not chance doing that.

Leefish, I'm not quite following. Certainly you can make pets in cas, but I'm not sure what you mean by "If the pet is in the hood is it not available in CAS to package?" No it's not available in cas, just like sims in game are not available in cas unless they have been downloaded or extracted. This is Esme's hood I am extracting for her and there are a few cats and one dog as well as human type sims. I've Googled around but can't find anything on the sharing of pets.

#7 31-07-2013 
Oh right. I dunno - today I spent quite some time attempting to import a sim from Bodyshop. Best listening to fansee and BO.

#8 01-08-2013 
Right, so go to the household where the pet lives. Have a human/vampire/werewolf/robot/sasquatch/witch/zombie..... y'know something on 2 legs (but not a bird).... phone up the pet services to "register breed". I'm not sure what the menu item is called exactly but you'll find it. Then go into CAS to make a new cat/small dog/big dog. Your pet should now be one of the available breeds to choose in step... step 1 I think? So select that "breed" and package the pet as you would any other new pet made in CAS.

#9 01-08-2013 
For pets, that sounds like a good and proper procedure.

#10 01-08-2013 
Okay so the cat I extracted is no good for her to use? Because even if I register the breed and it's in my CAS how do I give that to Esme? I've never packaged a pet before. I can do that in CAS?


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